ABI Rehabilitation - ABI Rehabilitation New Zealand provides residential and community-based rehabilitation services for people with traumatic brain injury or stroke.

  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/contact-us/ ABI Rehabilitation – Contact Us - CONTACT: Head Office: Tel: +64 9 831 0070 | Grafton: Tel: +64 9 373 7268 | Wellington: Tel: +64 4 237 0128 | Wellington Community: Tel: +64 4 240 0122
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/information-for-clients-families/ Information for Clients & Families - ABI Rehabilitation - This page is for clients and families/ whānau and provides information, education, and resources about brain injury.
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/family-support/ Family Support - ABI Rehabilitation - Kia ora.  If you are reading this you will probably have been affected by a brain injury – either that of someone in your family- whānau or a close friend.
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/how-the-brain-works/ How the brain works - ABI Rehabilitation - Each cerebral hemisphere is divided into four sections. Each lobe is responsible for different things and are all connected, working very closely together.
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/what-happens-when-the-brain-is-injured/ What happens when the brain is injured? - ABI Rehabilitation - Damage to the brain can occur immediately, as a result of the injury, or it may develop from swelling or bleeding that can happen after the injury.
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/what-are-the-different-types-of-brain-injuries/ What are the different types of brain injuries? - ABI Rehabilitation - Skull fractures | Contusion | Haematomas | Bleeding/Hemorrhage | Diffuse Axonal Brain Injury | Hypoxic Brain Injury
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/memory/ Memory - ABI Rehabilitation - Whether or not we’ve had a brain injury, most of us can’t remember all the things that we need to remember – we have to come up with systems to help memory.
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/relationships/ Relationships - ABI Rehabilitation - Relationships and Communication: People are often aware of how brain injury causes medical and physical problems.
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/emotional-functioning/ Emotional Functioning - ABI Rehabilitation - Emotions come about from a combination of what is happening around us, what we are doing, reactions in our body, and what we are thinking about a situation.
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/what-to-bring/ What to Bring - ABI Rehabilitation - Wondering what to bring with you for your stay. See below for an outline of what you might need during your stay.
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/useful-links-2/ Useful Links - ABI Rehabilitation - Here you will find links to usable resources for further information and help.
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/neuro-behavioural-rehab/ Neurobehavioural Rehab - ABI Rehabilitation - Individuals who experience a brain injury often require specialised rehabilitation to regain their skills and abilities used in everyday life.
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/medical-nursing/ Medical / Nursing - ABI Rehabilitation - Nursing is one of the specialised programmes offered at ABI Rehab that starts from the point that the client is able to interact with another person.
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/emerging-consciousness/ Emerging Consciousness - ABI Rehabilitation - Here at ABI, we aid in the support and understanding of emerging consciousness when needed.
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/residential/ Residential - ABI Rehabilitation - Some people will require specialised longer-term rehabilitation following traumatic brain injury,stroke, or other neurological impairment.
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/concussion-service/ Concussion Service - ABI Rehabilitation - The Concussion Service is part of ABI rehabilitation, a company that specialises in working with people who have had a brain injury. 
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/neuropsychological-assessment/ Neuropsychological Assessment - ABI Rehabilitation - A neuropsychological assessment involves an interview and a number of “pen and paper” tests designed to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • http://www.abi-rehab.co.nz/training-for-independence/ Training for Independence - ABI Rehabilitation - Training for Independence (TI) programmes focus on restoring a client’s independence and their ability to participate in their wider community.

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