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  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/zofran-21137/ Zofran Lawsuit: About Zofran Birth Defect Side Effects - Side effects of Zofran in pregnant women may increase risk of children developing birth defects or malformations, such as cleft lip, cleft palate, heart.
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/xarelto/ Xarelto Lawsuits - About Xarelto Bleeding Cases - Side Effects of Xarelto May Cause Uncontrollable Bleeding Injury or Death. Xarelto Lawsuits Are Being Reviewed by Lawyers Nationwide. Learn More.
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/benicar/ Benicar Lawsuits - About Benicar Diarrhea Side Effects - The hypertension drug Benicar has been linked to cases of¬†sprue-like enteropathy, which causes chronic diarrhea, weight gain and other serious gastrointest
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/morcellation-cancer/ Hysterectomy Morcellation Cancer Lawsuits - AboutLawsuits.com - The use of power morcellators during a laparoscopic hysterectomy or uterine fibroid removal surgery may cause women to face an increased risk of suffering
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/antibiotic/ Antibiotic Lawsuits: Peripheral Neuropathy from Levaquin, Cipro, Avelox - Side Effects of Avelox, Levaquin, Cipro and Other Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics May Cause Peripheral Neuropathy. Lawyers Are Reviewing Lawsuits Nationwide.
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/testosterone/ Testosterone Therapy Lawsuit - About Testosterone Injury Lawsuits - Side Effects of Testosterone replacement therapy may cause men to suffer heart attack, stroke or wrongful death. Learn more about Testoterone Lawsuits.
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/lipitor/ Lipitor Lawsuit - Diabetes Side Effects Information- AboutLawsuits.com - Side effects of Lipitor may increase th risk of diabetes. Lawyers reviewing lawsuits nationwide. Learn more information about the Lipitor diabetes risk.
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/talcum-powder/ Talcum Powder Lawsuit - About Ovarian Cancer Cases - Thousands of women throughout the United States may have developed ovarian cancer from side effects of talcum powder. Lawsuits are being investigated over
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/mirena-iud-13909/ Mirena IUD Lawsuits - Information About Mirena IUD Injury Problems - Migrations and perforations caused by Mirena birth control have resulted in lawsuits nationwide. Learn More.
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/fresenius-dialysis/ Fresenius Dialysis Treatment Lawsuit - Granuflo, NaturaLyte Heart Problems - Fresenius Medical Care may have withheld important information about the potential side effects of NaturaLyte and GranuFlo acid concentrate drugs for dialy
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/abilify/ Abilify Lawsuits: About Abilify Gambing Cases - Side effects of Abilify have been linked to serious and potentially devastating risks, including impulse control problems for adults that may lead to subst
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/actos-18280/ Actos Lawsuit - About Actos Bladder Cancer Side Effects: AboutLawsuits - The popular diabetes drug Actos has been linked to an increased risk of bladder cancer. Health regulators in several foreign countries have suspended sales
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/byetta-770/ Byetta Lawsuit: Byetta Pancreatic Cancer Lawsuits Evaluated by Lawyers - The use of the diabetes drug Byetta may increase the risk of developing chronic, asymptomatic pancreatitis, which could ultimately lead to a diagnosis of p
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/gm-recall/ GM Ignition Switch Recall Lawsuits: About GM Recall Injuries, Deaths - In 2014, General Motors recalled millions of cars due to ignition switch problems, which may have prevented airbags from deploying in hundreds of auto acci
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/vaginal-mesh-bladder-sling-19563/ Vaginal Mesh / Bladder Sling Lawsuits - AboutLawsuits.com - Thousands of women who had a vaginal mesh or bladder sling implanted to treat pelvic organ prolapse have experienced severe internal injuries, urinary prob
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/tylenol-21721/ Tylenol Lawsuits: Information About Tylenol Liver Failure Side Effects - Side effects of Tylenol, the popular and widely used pain killer, may increase the risk of serious liver damage and liver failure, potentially resulting in
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/viagra-144/ Viagra Melanoma Lawsuit - About Viagra Skin Cancer Lawsuits - Recent studies have found that side effects of Viagra may increase the risk of melanoma, a serious and potentially deadly form of skin cancer. Lawsuits are
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/contact/ Submit A Case For Review By A Lawyer - AboutLawsuits.com - To Find Out If You Have A Case, Complete The Form Below The information submitted will be forwarded to a lawyer for review. If it is determined that you ma
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/about/ About AboutLawsuits.com - AboutLawsuits.com - AboutLawsuits.com is an information website providing legal news, warnings and recalls about potentially danagerous products and an index of different type
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/ivc-filter-12082/ IVC Filter Lawsuits: About Blood Clot Filter Cases - Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filters Have Been Linked to Reports of Fractures and Other Problems. Blood Clot Filter Lawsuits Reviewed Nationwide.
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/nexium-18469/ Nexium, Prilosec and Acid Reflux Drug Lawsuits - Side Effects of Nexium, Prilosec and other heartburn drugs have been linked to risk of kidney injury, kidney disease and kidney failure. ¬†Lawsuits Reviewed.
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/roundup/ Roundup Lawsuits: About Roundup Cancer Problems - Exposure to Roundup May Increase Risk of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma or Other Cancers. Lawsuits and Class Actions Reviewed Nationwide.
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/kidney-injury-lawsuit-prevacid-prilosec-nexium-112301/ Kidney Injury Lawsuit Filed Against Makers of Prevacid, Prilosec and Nexium - AboutLawsuits.com - According to allegations raised in a recently filed lawsuit, side effects of Nexium, Prilosec and Protonix caused a Louisiana woman to suffer severe kidney injuries, indicating that information about the risk was withheld from consumers and the medical community.
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/mdl-nexium-prilosec-lawsuits-kidney-problems-112315/ MDL Sought for Nexium, Prilosec Lawsuits Over Kidney Problems - AboutLawsuits.com - As a growing number of Nexium lawsuits, Prilosec lawsuits and other claims involving PPI heartburn drugs continue to be filed over the failure to warn about the risk of kidney problems, a motion was filed with the U.S. JPML to consolidate and centralize the litigation.
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/lawsuits-nexium-prilosec-kidney-risks-111936/ Lawsuits over Nexium, Prilosec Kidney Risks Filed in Various Courts - AboutLawsuits.com - At least four new lawsuits were filed last week over side effects of Nexium, Prilosec and other PPIs, joining a growing number of cases filed in courts nationwide over the popular heartburn drugs.
  • http://www.aboutlawsuits.com/shower-shower-ovarian-cancer-lawsuit-112298/ Shower-to-Shower Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit Filed After Lifetime of Use - AboutLawsuits.com - A wrongful death lawsuit alleges that a Florida woman developed of ovarian cancer from Shower-to-Shower, after using the talcum powder product for more than 40 years.

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