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  • Woodrow - This is the 'bible' for this subject!

    Reading is easy and pics and illustrations are too! For anyone with interest in this subject... this is the book to have! Look no further. This has it all and more!

  • Kristin - Great safe protection

    So I got this iphone 7 screen protector 2 pack for my sister because finally the price of the phone has dropped to a more reasonable price. So I was really happy to get it and then I saw the prices of the screen protectors and phone cases in the store and I about had a heart attack. So I was really happy to find them online here for so much less of the cost. I paid less than seven dollars for tempered glass screen protector for my phone where I was out of paid at least 25 in the store and it probably wouldn't have been tempered glass. So I was super happy with being able to get this such in a reasonable cost and not only that the quality was great. This was exactly what I needed at a reasonable cost like it should be. And this seller did not skimp on quality I'll tell you that much. So this is definitely a must have it if you don't have 100s of dollars to spend on silly expensive bits.

  • Michael Sands - Turns D- cabinets into a C+ or better.

    If you have dull, faded cabinets with scratches, worn off finish, gouges and other damage, it will make the problems much less noticeable but cannot work miracles. In areas without damage, the product really can restore an old finish the look almost new.

  • T. Vaughan - Super helpful

    Some of the advice is un-necessary - I have figured some stuff out in twenty years of marriage. That being said, a great deal of it was VERY helpful. I learned a lot, or reinforced a lot of information I have recently realized - that attempting to simply 'appease' my wife ends up making me seem like I'm detached and not worthy of respect, while really stepping up, and not being afraid to take charge pretty much across the board (well, NOT in the kitchen or laundry!!) is what she's sub-consciously been looking for all along. THANK YOU!!!

  • Nhat Minh Hoang - Guitar for boons

    I'm a beginner Guitarist and this has helped me since. The Guitar is connected through USB which is then usable with the game. The game will calibrate the guitar and so It has a built in tuner. the selection of songs and minigames are interesting enough to play. However the option of paying extra songs are still not that great.