ADHD Remedies - Healthy Alternative ADD Treatment - What is ADHD and what is the best cure? Here we cut through the hype and present the truth, the facts, the myths and the assumptions clearly labeled.

  • ADHD Causes | The 101 Causes of ADHD - Here is a list of 101 causes of ADHD like behavior. Successful alternative ADHD remedies treat ADHD causes. Medication suppresses symptoms, but does not cure.
  • DSM-5 Dangerously Serious Misdiagnosis 5th Edition - DSM-5 Can Lead to Dangerously Serious Misdiagnosis and we should all be aware of its failures if our doctors misinterpret it against us.
  • Medication for ADHD - ADD Drugs - ADHD medication controls symptoms, but doesn't cure, effects lasting only a few hours. Natural medicine for ADD and ADHD restores the body's biochemical balance.
  • ADHD Theory and Philosophy - ADHD research is moving from the narrow vision of studying behavioural symptoms, to studying the cause of these symptoms. This article reviews theory towards a cure for ADHD.
  • DSM-IV ADHD Diagnosis - ADD and ADHD are diagnosed by the DSM-IV criteria. This is not a dignosis of a disorder, but are descriptions of behaviour patterns.
  • ADHD Causes - Effective ADHD treatment needs to be individualized and focused to the cause. There are over 100 causes for ADHD-like behavior. These are not all ADHD.
  • Communication and Parenting Toddlers: The Key to Better Behavior and Lower Stress - This webinar teaches parents how to communicate more effectively with kids, influencing their behavior and resulting in a happier family.
  • ADHD Solutions | Coaching | Behavioral Therapy | Medications - An ADHD solution needs to be a long-term solution. This article compares the treatment alternatives in a long-term context. Medications, behavioural therapies and coaching are reviewed.
  • ADHD Natural Remedies - ADHD drugs are not for everyone. If you or your child wants to try the natural way, there are alternatives that can help you enjoy life even with ADHD.
  • ADHD Research | Dopamine Neurotransmitter Balance | Thinking Styles - ADHD research suffers from a deficit of healthy scepticism, which all controversial research needs. ADHD is individual and needs individual creative treatment.
  • Anxiety Disorders - Anxiety disorders are the most common mental problem in modern society. This article gives an overview of anxity and what it is.
  • ADHD Depression Treatments - ADHD is often accompanied by depression. Natural depression treatments suitable for someone with ADHD are suggested.
  • ADHD History - The 200 year old history of ADHD is not a story of medical science, but a history of attitudes, misunderstanding and treatment of convenience by academic bigots.
  • ADHD Treatment Paradigm Shift - An ADHD treatment paradigm shift is taking place, away from stimulants to a more realistic and flexible model. Even Big Pharma is moving from stimulant drugs.
  • Is ADHD a Disorder? - ADHD is a real condition, but is it a disorder? This article points out the basic errors in the current ADHD disorder debate.
  • ADD | ADHD |Different Disorders - ADHD and ADD are highly controversial conditions. This article shows that they are different disorders.
  • ADHD a Diagnosis Disorder - ADHD is a misunderstood condition. Leading experts hold widely differing opinions on the cause, the treatment and even what ADHD is. This article explains why.
  • ADHD Differential Diagnosis | Medical Second Opinion - With ADHD it is important, for the patient or patient’s parent, to have basic knowledge of the alternatives before seeing the doctor for a better diagnosis.
  • The ADHD Gene - ADHD is often reported in the media as a genetic disorder. There is some truth there, but this article shows these reports are dangerously oversimplified.
  • ADHD | Comorbidity | Many conditions have similar symptoms as ADHD - ADHD is becoming one of the most diagnosed children’s disorders as well as being the most misdiagnosed. This article discusses one of the main reasons for this.
  • Why is ADHD a Disorder? - This thing called ADHD is highly complex and individual. Every one with ADD/ADHD or with a child this condition needs to find their personal solution.

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  • andreas - Great looking head light and shipped fast

    Great looking head light and shipped fast. but had 2 issues with it. The stock screws rust and when your running lights are on at noght and you go to signal you can barely see them flash. Same goes for when you break. I will be ordering different ones for safety.

  • j64thnotes - Bona in swedish must mean dull, streaky, sticky floor

    Bona in swedish must mean dull, streaky, sticky floor. I didn't know that when I purchased this product, but now I do. 48 hours after thoroughly cleaning and polishing the floors, they were still sticky. After a month, I noticed the floor looked dull with filmy streaks where a sponge was used to clean a mess. If you have area rugs atop floor protectors, the bona grime will adhere to the floor protector (I waited 2 days before putting the area rugs and protectors back). When I next removed the area rugs, I noticed the floor protector cross pattern on the wood floor, AGH. I've tried cleaning it with hot water & ammonia with little improvement. I can't recommend this product at all, I bought it at HD.

  • Mama to Peach, Baba, and Bug - Not the Holy Grail of Car Seats

    Some brief background - I am obsessed with car seats and have read/researched extensively for the past four years since my first child was born. I am not a technician by any means, but I am far more experienced & knowledgeable than the average consumer.

  • Roaringqueen - Yes to the Meals

    Yes to the meals but no to the mix ins. The mix ins taste like artificial flavors and I only tasted the orange and strawberry before I said no more. I absolutely adore the Visalus meals though. If you like cake batter like I do and have it as a weakness then this is truly your way to have cake and lose weight. Go for it!

  • Brandon Folkman - Great wrenches, meh on the canvas pouch

    The canvas pouch is definitely not the highest quality and totally smells weird, but it is perfectly functional. I do anticipate I'll have to ducktape a few corners as some point, though. The wrenches work really well and every size I could want is available. I've used these for a few projects, including some light plumbing, and they performed admirably.

  • cassie - Excellent

    Very happy with this purchase husband installed in minutes, looks great awesome price compared to dealership prices

  • Susan C - Easily revealed- no spoilers

    I love a novel with a twist. Sadly, the twist was very obvious from early on. I did enjoy the main characters struggles and honesty about her role as a dedicated wife and mother. I didn't particularly enjoy the "before" and "after" chapter. It could have been much more fluid. It took me a lot longer to read than my usual 2 day max. It's not terrible. Just not anything mind blowing.