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  • Sexologist | Professional Counsellor – Affirmotive Australia | Affirmotive - Heide McConkey is a sex therapist involved in sex addiction treatment, relationship counselling and other forms of counselling since establishing Affirmotive 1998, Affirmotive is a specialized clinical qualified sexologist and professional counsellor who can assist you with your sexual and relationship problems. Visit us we can help.
  • Sexual Facts - Sexual Life | Affirmotive Australia | Affirmotive - The Sex Therapist Facts gives sex therapist information on sexual health, sexual function and dysfunction, sex therapy treatments, sexual behaviours including sex addiction, and other sexuality-related concerns., Want to know about sex and other personal problems then meet our sexologist to consult. We have experienced people who will help you to overcome these problems.
  • Sex Addiction & Gender Orientation Counsellors | Affirmotive - Results-Based Sex Addiction Treatment - AFFIRMOTIVE offers confidential, intensive sex therapy which can help your emotions to heal in time., A specialist in treating sex addiction, relationship & gender orientation counselling either in person or remotely.
  • Sex Therapy By Qualified Therapists | Affirmotive - AFFIRMOTIVE offers highly effective Relationship Counselling and Sex Therapy for Individuals and Couples. Leading Therapist - Heide McConkey conducts confidential face-to-face sessions in Sydney or online/ skype everywhere else., Our qualified sex therapists are modern in approach and use powerful trans-personal techniques. We are the first to offer the unique voice dialogue in sex therapy.
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  • Consulting & Coaching | Affirmotive Australia | Affirmotive - Affirmotive directs you towards leadership. Achieve your goals with Affirmotive's consultancy and coaching. Affirmotive's Heide McConkey offers Professional Supervision to Counsellors and Therapists, ACA registration 1050., If you want to enhance and improve the productivity and personal well being then contact Affirmotive. We will provide you with necessary coaching. Contact us today.
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  • Voice Dialogue - Professional Counselling | Affirmotive - Voice Dialogue is a powerful transformational technique which increases self-awareness, self esteem, sexuality, self-control, happiness, and leadership. Voice Dialogue and professional counselling achieve conflict resolution, healthy relationships, and emotional healing., We use one of the powerful techniques, Voice Dialogue, to help you face and deal with the personal, sexual, and relationship problems. Contact us to know more.
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