Resource for older New Zealanders, family members, caregivers and the industry | Aged Care Hub - The Aged Care Hub is your local resource for ageing. It's for Older New Zealanders and their family members, caregivers and the industry.

  • Where To Start | Aged Care Hub - Looking at care for yourself, parents or friends is stressful. As you start to work through it you can also find it can quickly become confusing.
  • Aged Care Network | Aged Care Hub - The Aged Care Sector is full of many companies, not for profits and government organisations. The Aged Care Network has been developed to share information, build relationships and network.
  • Medcall | Aged Care Hub - Recruiting and providing warm, quality staff to care for and support our elderly throughout New Zealand.
  • Cyclo-ssage NZ | Aged Care Hub - The Cyclo-ssage is a full body massage system providing effective pain management. Intended for both personal and professional use, the system combines Cycloidal Massage with Infrared Heat. By relieving muscle and joint mobility symptoms, it can provide a viable alternative to prescribed medication.
  • Care at home from the people who care | Aged Care Hub - When care is needed there are many options available to choose from, ranging from care at home to care in a rest home. For some, wanting to remain at home is a priority, but this is not always possible with government funded home care services alone.

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  • Willie - "A Must Read"

    RIVETING!!!! This book will tell you what really happened regarding the FBI investigation. It connects all the dots and should be a must read for all Americans.

  • Julaina KC - Excellent Collection

    The Best American Short Stories 2014 was picked by a member of our reading group for our monthly discussion. I don't usually read all the selections in an anthology, but I enjoyed these stories so much, I read from cover-to-cover. The variety amazed me and some stories I still think about several months after I've read them. I appreciated the different settings, life styles, and characters that took me to places and people I would not know if I hadn't read the book. I plan to read some of the stories again.

  • Washed Away - NOT the real Deva Curl

    I've been using Deva Curl faithfully for almost a year but I've been purchasing it at a local shop. Having now found it on Amazon for around 40% less, I purchased it and I am so disappointed. It is NOT the real Deva Curl. My hair color is now fading quickly, unlike when I purchased it locally. My hair dresser noticed immediately that my color isn't lasting like it had been. I don't feel like it's working at all any more. I am so disappointed that I got such low quality knock off merchandise over Amazon.

  • HRP256 - The Only Stroller We Use

    The Combi Flare is the only stroller we use. It's lightweight and trifolds to about the size of a camping chair, and it has a strap that you can carry it on your shoulder. My son loves the belly bar and even at 5 months old, his feet were able to reach the foot rest. There is small storage under the stroller and we purchased Combi's accessory for the top handle (where you push) that has 2 pockets and a cupholder. It's great for air planes and throwing in the trunk of a car. Great quality! Easy to adjust. We found it for $88 and it's the best baby item we bought.

  • Perfect for slow oven cooking - Perfect for slow oven cooking

    This is the best stewpot I have ever used. The tight lid does its job keeping in the juices and assures succulent meats every time. I especially like Le Creuset pots for slow cooking in the oven. Clean up is amazingly easy. Really need to dry these pans thoroughly before storing as the rim is not enameled and can rust just a little. Drying solves the problem it completely however.