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  • Mike Walsh - Installation was very easy but I had issues programming

    Installation was very easy but I had issues programming. I sent a text to the seller and was contacted within minutes. Paul walked me through troubleshooting and we discovered a wire had pulled out of one of the connectors. I was able to snap it back in and move on. I was having problems programming the keys (all my fault I think in all my trying I may have had the module confused). I contacted Paul again and he helped me through clearing and reprogramming and stayed with me (long after their normal business hours) until the unit worked. Customer service was outstanding Paul's knowledge of the product was very impressive and his patience and communication skill were amazing. I highly recommend buying from this seller!

  • Miranda Li - i didnt get it

    I already bought it for over one month, but i still don't receive it. can you please return the money back please?

  • B. Cafaro - Awesome

    I have been searching all over the country to find this since purchasing my original headliner 3 years ago. This is an ideal shaver for various parts of your body, not just your head. This provides almost as close of a shave as a razor without the nicks. Men/bodybuilders who have been looking for a quick way to shave without spending hours in the bathroom with a standard razor or Nair will love the headliner. There is a small amount of stuble left, but hardly any (comprable to how your face looks after you shave with a razor). Women can use this to quickly dry shave their legs with little, if any, irritation. No other dry electric shaver I have used comes close to this one. You won't be disappointed!

  • Shanon D. Sanchez - No more Shinny Back Side on my Man! Yeah Baby!

    I started my beautifully handsome husband of 40 years on Viviscal PRODESSIONAL back in Feb of 2016, @ 2 TABS first thing in the morning. I'm the only one that cuts his hair and may is say with much honesty, I could feel and see changes by the middle of the 3rd month and by June 1st, his 'halo patch' on the back side was finally filling in. Had we started this 10-15 years ago, we'd probably be done by now and just do maintenance. But after he ran out of these, I purchased the Viciscal Extra Strength thinking surely it'll do the same. Nope, stayed the changes at all. So tonight I'm back to order another couple of batches of the PROFESSIONAL. It works so why fix something that's not broken. But for maintenance, we've already witness it's going to do great.

  • SnowWhite81 - Super fast & accurate reading!

    I have never used thermometer like this before at home, they use some of the kids at the doctors office though. I was very excited to get one to tey out,we have about four of the ones you use under the arm, so I was ready to compare them with this one. First off I loved yhe packaging, it was in a nice silver colored box with a blue bow on it. It was ready to use right out of the box. None of us had any fevers but I used bith the regular one and this one with both settings(ear and forehead) and they all showed the same temperatures. So I am very please to say this works Awesome and its so easy to use. You just wipe it across the forehead to get a reading that way and it works so fast. I highly recommend ordering one of these to have it home for when you need it.

  • Cpthree - Great for its main purpose.

    If you are really just wanting these to listen to music while you work out, then these are excellent. I was really looking for something that would work as a Bluetooth for my phone as well. However, when you are wearing just one in your ear, the other side tends to pull the one out of your ear. People did have trouble hearing me, so I'm back on my quest.