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  • Potent Manuka Oils for Many Uses - Get Rid of Acne and Infections - A selection of Manuka Oils from New Zealand. Manuka Oil uses include treating skin conditions, aromatherapy and cleansing.
  • Tui Balms Beeswax for skin and massage - The Tui Balms range includes beeswax for skin care, massage, lip balms & salves.
  • Health Honey Blends - Manuka & Aloe Honey, Green Tea Honey - These health honey blends combine NZ Manuka with other ingredients. Get the benefits of aloe honey, green tea honey & many others tasty combinations.
  • Kill Infections with Antibacterial Honey and Medical Honey Products - A range of antibacterial honey products for woundcare and other medical honey products such as throat sprays and lozenges. All contain Manuka.
  • Natural Anti Inflammatories for Dogs and Cats - Honey, Bee Venom - These all natural anti inflammatories for dogs & cats come as tablets or as a joint relief honey for dogs, cats & horses to eat daily.
  • Get a Solution for Bacterial Wound Infections and MRSA - Medical honey products for treating infected wounds and an overview of bacterial wound infections such as MRSA.
  • Feel free and Energetic with Wellness Products and Immune Support - Buy from a range of wellness products that can be used for enhancing energy, increasing physical & mental abilities, and providing immune support.
  • Get Rid of Your Stomach Problems with Manuka Honey for Digestion - Eating manuka honey for digestion is a good way to maintain well being or treat digestive problems. A range of bee products for digestion support.
  • Improve Your Mobility and Ease Pain with Joint Nutition Products - Natural joint products containing bee venom and glucosamine. Treat pain and mobility issues and improve your joint nutrition.
  • A Quick Way to Relieve Muscle Pain and Stiffness - All natural products to relieve muscle pain and stiffness. Can be used after workouts or other physical activities.
  •,_Sores_&_Damaged_Skin Heal Wounds Faster with these Products for Damaged Skin - A range of products to heal wounds faster and treat damaged skin for beauty purposes, or for sores, acne, eczema and psoriasis.

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    I like this book, I had purchased the 2013 copy at Barnes and Noble, I paid a lot more there but the book is very complete, has a lot of info which is easy to find, I'm a tax preparer and need to look up tax issues quickly at times, and this book works great for all my tax needs.

  • Frank - Excellent book

    I was look for a book which was mainly for the Desktop vs Web applications. And this was the book. I have not used since Access 2003 version, this book bought me up to speed. The download files were exactly as the examples in the book were. But I wish somebody would write a books MS Access 2013 for the Desktop not the Web.

  • Buck R. Cash - You get what you pay for

    For the price, it's an okay set to have around for someone who won't use it much, like me. It's obviously no master mechanic's tool set.

  • Little - Too much Breakage when left in for a week

    I put the product in my hair as described. Used very little from the jar. It is summer time and I wanted to start my wash and go's again, but with some moisture and softness. The product is great depending on your hair type. I have several different hair types. My hair is fine, thin, kinky, coily, and some areas are wavy and some are straight, but mostly coily. And it depends on how I dry it. Which I only air dry, but what I mean is...if I let it return to its shrunken state without stretching it in any manner. Well, the application went well, and it lasted for a week, but I noticed that more of my hair was coming out during the co-wash than normal. This is the second time I have tried KCCC and this will be my last. I had heard that some women had experienced more or unusual loss of hair with this product, but I have never left in my hair longer than a day before because it was just to sticky and wet...before. This product just has too much sugar in it for hair. It should be taken off the market. And I only used the product for the application. I applied curl activator for more moisture or to spruce up the curls in the morning. I shampooed it out and then did a co-wash, and my hair responded as usual. I will be sticking with my conditioner and curl activator alone. Thank God I saved my receipt.

  • James - OTC...Questionable

    This is claimed to be made by OTC, but who really knows. Mine was completely unbranded, and only worked for a short time. The readings it gave seemed to be unreliable, checking the same fluid twice would sometimes give different readings. Maybe the batteries were almost dead when I got it, so the readings were inaccurate, or maybe you just get what you pay for.