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  • Yondelis General Information | All the power of the sea - Yondelis® (trabectedin) is a synthetic antineoplastic drug originally isolated from the marine tunicate Ecteinascidia turbinata.
  • Soft tissue sarcomas and its management | All the power of the sea - Yondelis (trabectedin) applied to Soft tissue sarcomas (STS) are tumours derived from non-epithelial extraskeletal tissues including muscle, fat and fibrous supporting structures
  • Ovarian Cancer (OC) and its management | All the power of the sea - Ovarian cancer is the second most common gynaecological cancer in the western world, and the leading cause of death from gynaecological malignancies
  • Societies/Associations | Soft Tissue Sarcoma | All the power of the sea - Yondelis (trabectedin) applied to Soft tissue sarcomas societies and associations

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