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  • Megan23 - Love this dog house!

    First of all... this dog house arrived very quickly and I was very impressed with the quality of packing and how easy it was to put it together. It took some getting used to but my puppy now loves it! We put his toys and some times food in there so he can keep them dry if it starts to rain. It is also nice shade for the summer time. We have had some heavy rain and the inside stays completely dry! I never leave my pup out for long periods of time, but it is nice for him to have some where dry and shaded to play when he is outside. Highly recommend this.

  • goal13keep - Displeasing scent; there's another product that smells better

    When we got a letter recently from the health office adivising that a child in my daughter's class had a confirmed case of head lice, I quickly took to amazon and ordered a few preventive products. This was one, and I also ordered some of the SoCozy Boo! Shampoo and leave-in spray. While I've only used each a couple of times so cannot attest to their lice-repelling powers, I can state this much: this product (the Fairy Tales) has a very displeasing scent that I do not care for. It is something close to, but not quite, the scent of a citronella candle maybe mixed with something else. It smells more like bug spray (think mosquito repellent) than a hair product. The SoCozy products, on the other hand, have a very pleasing peppermint scent that is reminiscent of candy canes. I'm going to stick with the Boo! products for now.