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  • Connie Raspet - date on packaging

    The coffee had a 1-4-14 date on it. I would have expected a much fresher date for $25 a pound. will not order again

  • Lax mama - No use

    I got sucked into this product by a lady at the Mall. After a whole hour of aggressive marketing I was so tired and just wanted to get out of there. They told me I'd get a free facial with this product and I thought, why the heck. A facial will offset half of the cost and I needed one anyway. I have been using this product as instructed - apply around my eyes PM daily. Two months later, my eye bags are not only still there they are now more pronounced.

  • Olivia - This book provides good test taking stragedies in general

    I rented this book from the library. I need to take a placement test for college and the test is similar to the ACT. This book provides good test taking stragedies in general. It is easy to read and easy to follow. The examples are helpful as well.

  • A. Emery - Great bag, very durable

    I bought the Small Classic Messenger a couple of weeks ago. I'm constantly told how "tiny" I am, standing at 5'3" on a tall day, and the small is huge on me. I thought about getting the medium initially, but it would have been entirely too large of a bag on its own. The bag is extremely well made and durable. The pictures make the bag out to be a lot darker than it is in person. The Empire Red/Graphite bag and its more of a burgundy and almost forest green/gray colored.

  • vitalicvision - OK for everyday!

    I have hyperhidrosis of the hands, which can significantly impair my ability to work with my hands - which is a huge problem for me, since just about everything I enjoy doing is hands-on. I started looking at products like this when I tried out some aerial classes, and found that I could use Dry Hands to improve my ability to participate in normal circumstances... still needed to explore medical options with my doctor for long-term relief, but this was and is an important start.

  • Laurie1949 - Can't say I see much difference after using these gummies ...

    Can't say I see much difference after using these gummies for over a month. But maybe it takes longer. I'll finish out the bottle and reassess.