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  • two-years-florida-blue-profits - Florida Blue found a way to profit from ACA exchange health plans while other insurers floundered in this line of business. Why was Florida Blue successful?
  • Rate Increase of 62% Approved for Blue Cross - Officials in Tennessee recently approved a 62 percent rate increase for Blue Cross Blue Shield. How will the rate increase affect you and your family.
  • Framing up the Public Option - The words 'Public Option' have enjoyed widespread media attention these days as Clinton seeks the Presidency. What would a public option look like?
  • Three More Obamacare CO-OPs Circle Drain - How do three Obamacare CO-OPs fail in two weeks? Its because officials make rules that yield unintended consequences. Then thousands lose coverage.
  • Obamacare's Paying Customer Numbers Increase - More Obamacare customers paid their first month's premium in 2016 than in 2015. More people are paying their Obamacare premiums to protect their health.
  • Expatriate Health Insurance - Worry less about your health and travel/live more! Let an expatriate health insurance carrier worry about your health for you while you live abroad.
  • The Future of the Affordable Care Act - Ever wonder what it's going to take to see a Repeal of the Affordable Care Act? I was curious, so I wrote about the Future of the Affordable Care Act.
  • Do You Understand How Obamacare Works? - We've all heard of Obamacare, but do we really know how the law works? How exactly does Obamacare reduces insurance costs? Learn the law's ins and outs!
  • Republicans Release Obamacare Replacement - The GOP favors a "repeal and replace" stance on the ACA. This week, the GOP released their Obamacare replacement. What does this replacement replace?

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  • Kaushal - Best taco sauce ever!!

    This sauce is fantastic!!I cooked it with chicken onion and garlic for about 25 minutes or till the chicken cooks completely and the sauce dries out and sticks to the chicken.Served them with Corn Torialls topped with onion,Cabbage,Avocado,Cilantro and some lime.Best Tacos ever made thanks to this sauce!

  • Peter - Great bike for the money. No regrets! See tips on assembly and saddle replacement.

    Bottom line: this is a good bike for the money. The components, excluding the saddle, are pretty high quality and won't fall apart on you. I'd highly recommend this bike to someone looking to start getting serious about cycling who is also maybe a daily commuter.

  • R. Shelley - I've used it for a year. Highly recommend!!!

    I have used this for a year. This product is worth its weight in gold. The women on Waikiki who sold this to me were awesome and loaded on the discounts. I had never spent so much for any product in my life but I'm so glad I did. My skin is the best it's even been. I can tell when my skin is very well exfoliated because it won't ball up like it typically does. When my skin builds up a dead layer, this stuff takes it off big time. I use it once a week and haven't run out yet. Be patient and keep it up. You'll see the results. Ensure your face is completely clean dry before you use it. Otherwise, you'll just be taking off old makeup and residue. Make sure to moisturize right after. Enjoy.

  • Robert Swafford - Poor Quality

    Prompt shipment carried this monster upstairs and quick and easy assy. Started to use the equip within 30 minutes. We used the product infrequently for about 60 days and my wife said it was making a clicking noise. The rollers hit the frame when used aggresively. I called customer service and a replacement part was shipped.. Recieved 3 days later, installed, no change. Called again, rep came out to replace arms. Only one was replace because that wasn't the problem. He ordered the entire bottom rails frame and all. It came in about 4 days later. Called the rep and returned 3 days later. Replaced the parts and seemed ok. Not when used aggresively. Still clicks. Now had too long for return. Amazon said go to company, company no responce. Product works BUT it clicks, freaks me out.

  • Ferlugo - Good product. I can now do cycling indoors

    Good product. I can now do cycling indoors, specially on really bad weather days. Excellent supplier.

  • Helping Hands - Amazing product

    Keeps amazing me the products that people think about to help us save money! We bought this product to re-do our 20 year old countertops. Prep of the countertop is important as you need to bondo (wood fill) any cracks or chips, as this product will not do that. We had enough in one package to do an L shaped countertop that is 10' one direction and 9' the other direction. When you use the minerals, they tell you to do the bronze last, but we went back over it with the black again so it wasn't so bronzy. Just our preference. We also had 2 different sponges, one to apply and one to come back over and dab the pattern out a little. We were really happy with the results, it doesn't look like any granite that I know of, but it has a very nice finish and for the price are you really going to care? Take your time and wet sand after the minerals are dry (8 hours as suggested) it really helps to make the finish much smoother. Also buy a second 4" roller for doing the top coat on a back splash or edge, it helps tremendously. Enjoy - we sure did. Took us about 2 days to complete with drying time and all.

  • Poprocksincola - Black butter

    High quality, smooth printing filament. Lays down smoothly, no air bubbles. Comes shrink wrapped and air tight. Very clean printing, high quality! Will be buying again.