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  • Floyd E. Harris - msa30X

    This hearing aid may work for some but for me there was far too much background noise which I could not eliminate. None of the ear pieces caused the excessive background noise to disappear nor would turning the volume to minimum. I was hoping this item could be used to hear lectures and conversations but unfortunately the inability to eliminate the background noise made it unusable.

  • Scot Matson - Ex Starbucks Barista. Buy this machine=Save $$$

    Okay, so there are a lot of mixed reviews on this product and if you are considering buying the Mr. Coffee ECMP-50, please give it a chance.

  • Jordan - Bang

    Take Into mind I am a bigger guy. This product gives me absolute energy I don't get jittery unless I have a completely empty stomach but it does make you burn more calories and you do work up a sweat. Only fat burners I have ever taken. I only take them once a day right before work in the morning and I do get a period of 3-5 hours of continuous energy with no crash. 10/10 would bang