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  • Ami Jones - Im curious to with this product is being sold on ...

    Im curious to with this product is being sold on Amazon when I am an IBO who has the actual right to sell this. #Shameful

  • Jazzcat - Extend your wood's life

    A friend who's head of maintenance for several rental properties turned me on to this, and I found it simply amazing. Unlike other "orange" products that look good for maybe a day and then fade away, this dries to a hard, shiny finish that keeps looking great indefinitely. I shared it with a contractor friend who specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodels, and now he's sold on it too. Instead of demolishing and tossing his customers' old wooden cabinets, he gives them new life and donates them to charity (e.g. Habitat for Humanity). For just a little elbow grease and a few bucks, they're saved from the scrap heap.

  • Franklin - It's a small antenna!

    Nice to take off the big antenna that came with the car. It hit our garage ceiling all the time. Just unscrewed the old one & screwed this one in. There's a little screw you insert into the stubby antenna so it can screw into the car. Reception seems the same so far. I'll update if reception is diminished at all.

  • Ken D - Avoid it like the Plauge

    I read the reviews and decided to take the leap thinking that after their 2013 debacle that they would have their act together. Boy was I wrong! Up to and including R3 it had more bugs than a South American Jungle. It trashed my data file more times in the 1 month than I have in the 20+ years I've been using Quicken. There Chat and Phone support is located in New Deli and will only get you more frustrated because of there inability to deviate from whatever script they're required to follow. For your own sanity I strongly advise to upgrade to this release this time next year after ensuring that you read the most recent reviews to ensure the bugs are fixed. Don't forget to double and triple backup your data. I might add that Amazon was very helpful in helping me process my refund request via email which has to go through Quicken.

  • Robyn Kline - Super Fun!

    I bought this for me and my daughters and we love it! They have played previous versions of Just Dance at school but this was my first time. My favorite song is in "In the Summertime". I even bought it on iTunes. Great family fun!