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  • Adrienna - Just go to the grocery store, it's cheaper...

    Usually a "starter kit" comes with more than just a sample of the product. All this contains is the handle and head of the "sweeper", two dry cloths (not even in any kind of packaging, just kind of thrown into the box) and one wet cloth. For the price I expected at least a full "refill" package of dry cloths. Would not purchase again, as it is cheaper at the local grocery store. However, three stars because Swifter is actually a really good product and I recommend purchasing it. Just not this way.

  • Dangs - Would be a five star product if it created more suds

    Burt's Bees rarely disappoints with their products, and this is another great one. Gets our toddler nice and clean, he doesn't seem to have any issues with the shampoo and it has never caused him any irritation or skin issues. The product also lasts for quite a while, which is nice and helps to offset some of the cost.

  • Jason Goertzen - Excellent mouse. Great sensor (no acceleration at all)

    Excellent mouse. Great sensor (no acceleration at all), super light, and works for my "claw" grip, as well as a more ordinary palm grip.

  • James W. Russell - A nice hose.

    Gilmour hit a home run with this hose. Very nice and durable. Lightweight. It will kink but very rarely and only if you don't take normal precautions such as removing twists in the hose. Its really great at letting you get a full flow of water going. Large diameter connectors do not restrict flow as in some hoses. What good is it to have a 5/8" hose if the connector is only 1/2" in diameter? I think you'll like this hose if you order it. I like mine.

  • SquareMouth - Helps with dry mouth

    I've been told this is akin to applying hand lotion to your skin. How would your skin look with no lotion after a couple years? Same with dry mouth. It doesn't take away your dry mouth symptoms, but it will protect your gums from aging, shrinking, etc.

  • Cocopuff - Okay for the money, wish it was waterproof

    This does provide good coverage but you have to wear a primer with it. Also, it's not waterproof. If your eyes water at all, it disappears.