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  • Jimmyd - Sturdy and works well

    This is a large, heavy, well built machine that both my wife and I use (although not near as often as we should - but that is our problem not any fault of the machine) for which you need about six feet by three feet of free space to accommodate the footprint of this trainer plus space around it for access. To mount it from the floor level was especially difficult for my wife but i solved this by constructing a six inch tall,very stable platform step, to place on the floor beside the foot platforms, that enable my wife to make the mount in two easy steps. We are both in our seventies and I also found this step makes it much easier for me to mount the machine. I believe this elliptical trainer is a good investment for anyone who is serious about putting forth the effort needed to improve and maintain their physical condition.

  • C. D. Herter - Best workout for a serious cycler

    I've owned this machine for 5 years. I've had to tighten a few bolts here and there, but it's solid, and the mag resistance unit provides plenty of sweat. It did take a while to master, but I started with the thing in the middle of a door frame; after 6 or so months of regular use, the frame wasn't necessary. I also have a Kurt Kinetic trainer that's great, but I get a much better workout on the rollers. I also have to add that these particular rollers are built with flared cylinders; as your tires drift to one side or the other, you'll hear the rubber squeak in plenty of time to prevent a fall. It's also quiet, compared with the standard trainer. If you don't mind the idea of taking a few weeks to get your bearings, this will provide an experience as close to outdoor riding as you can get in your basement. You are, after all, really riding, using all your muscles and wits to keep upright and forward moving. Make sure you have a fan going, wear a sweat band, open the window. One last thing; the most difficult part for me was adapting to watching TV; it's difficult, at first, to keep to the center of the cylinders while watching any moving thing. I nearly went the my wall watching Indiana Jones early on.

  • Daniel - Great little charger

    Great little charger. With all the electronic gadgets we all use daily, using the 6 port charger kept everything all in one place rather than using multiple outlets scattered throughout the house. Highly recommend a multi-port charger, bought a second one to use at work.

  • Southern - Stick with the SB6121

    I bought this modem for my girlfriend to get her to stop paying the Comcast modem rental fee. Worked fine for about 3 days with no issues, then it started rebooting randomly at different frequencies of the day and night. Upload speeds were less than 1mb. Had Comcast come out and troubleshoot the line. They said there was signal loss and they needed to troubleshoot their side further. The next day they called and stated that the problem had been resolved. Their fix did nothing to resolve our issue.

  • Strawberry Eater - Will not PREVENT sickness but it will give you your vitamin C

    This is a great product when it comes to supplementation. However, many people seem to be writing misleading reviews saying that its preventing them from getting sick.

  • Diogenis Leiva - Its not our job to make sure we have the codes we bought it from the publisher like that" For the record it is their job as ...

    Stated it was new with product codes. When I tried registering said codes for my course did not work. When I contacted them for service they basically asked "what do you want us to do? Its not our job to make sure we have the codes we bought it from the publisher like that"

  • Jaime McCord - Seems to live up to it's claims

    In the first month of using this product I definitely noticed my cycle was shorter (I have PCOS and tend to have longer, irregular cycles), had great cervical mucus over my fertile days and conceived successfully. Unfortunately I miscarried very early after that but I intend to keep using the product with hopefully better success in the future.