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  • literader - Better Instructions Would Have Been Nice...

    We had a flea problem even though we don't have pets... Did some online research and wound up buying Fleabusters Rx for Fleas Plus.... While I was at work my wife moved all the furniture and applied the treatment... After that she noticed that the powder was "puffing up" everywhere she walked and was causing her some discomfort when she breathed, even though she used a broom to push the powder well into the carpet... She went out for fresh air and came back 4 hours later with the same results... She then decided that if this was going to work it must have by now and began vacuuming up the powder... When I came home from work she told me of the experience and I felt she didn't leave it down long enough... I read the instructions again and there was no indication as to how long to wait before vacuuming... I went on line and after a while I found where it said to resume normal vacuuming after 24 to 48 hours... We would have figured out some way to leave the powder down if we had known... I hate that my wife did so much work and now we have probably have to do it again... What a waste... Better INSTRUCTIONS would have been nice...

  • freeble fighter - Nice Closet Savior

    I was pretty skeptical about these space saver bags. However, I was mostly surprised by how well the bags worked. Not only do they save space, but now there are no worries about mold, mildew, or dust.

  • Pearlseattle - Beware the "edition"

    My mother tongue is not English, so a few days back I decided to buy the "Limited" edition thinking that it was something "exclusive" and/or "special".

  • N. Hoefer - Excellent product

    We have been using the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner on our floors for 3 years now and the floors still look like new, in spite of a good deal of use. The product is non-toxic which became even more important when our baby started crawling. The odor is not terribly strong which is a plus for me as many products I've used in the past (like Murphy's Oil) give me a headache after the floors have been cleaned with it. I highly recommend Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner if you are looking for a good quality, non-toxic product for your floors.

  • Deirdre Earls, MBA, RD, LD - As advertised

    I've seen fleas drop dead upon contact, all the while making my dog smell better than ever. I'll be a long term customer.

  • James H - This Antenna looks awesome

    Arrived quickly and I couldn't wait to open the box! I was impressed by the build quality and appearance. This is a ten second job to remove the factory antenna from my 2011 Mustang GT, and installing the Stubby. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to improve their cars appearance with a shorty antenna.

  • Niels J. Nielsen - Nice album for my National Park Quarters.

    The Album completely fits to my National Quarters from, P- and D-mintso I am very satisfied with the album.