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  • morank09 - No store bought gel compares

    I try to stock up on this gel so I always have a backup. I recently went on a business trip and forgot it. I went to a store and bought the most expensive gel they had, and it wasn't even close to comparing. This gel leaves your hair firmly in place, yet doesn't give you that rock hard hair that most gels do. Your hair still looks great, but stays in the position you place it in.

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    Great product with fantastic results for itching and scabs! Have used a total of 4 times and cant do without it.

  • Andrew Kirchner - Worked for my 2000 Toyota Camry

    My check engine light came on in my 2000 Toyota Camry after driving through mountainous terrain one afternoon. When I brought the car in to get the check engine light test done, it read P0420 which is the code that relates to issues with the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor. So I decided to give Mr Gasket Cataclean a try after reading the reviews here. I followed the directions (drove about 15 miles until the tank was at 1/4 tank, filled it with the Cataclean, and then drove about 14 more miles). I then proceeded straight to the gas station and filled up to a little over half a tank. The light was still on so I disconnected the negative battery terminal to reset it and the light didn't come back on when I started up the car. After that, I drove the car about 200 miles and the light stayed off. I had a second check engine light test done (even though the check engine light was off) and no code showed up. I have driven well over 200 miles and the check engine light has stayed off. I plan to use Mr Gasket Cataclean a couple times a year just for routine maintenance.

  • Jared and Brittany - Quality product

    I love it. It's a high performance mouse pad that works great with my mouse. I have been using the bigger version of this for over a year, but I just got a smaller desk, and I was really happy to see that this mouse bad came in a mini version. It's the same high-quality mouse pad that I was used to, just smaller. Super thin. It's one I would recommend. The price makes it even better.

  • Amazon Customer - I didn't know a lot about Carole Bayer Sager but really enjoyed reading about her life

    As a lover of music my husband gave this to me as a gift. I didn't know a lot about Carole Bayer Sager but really enjoyed reading about her life. Not only is she a legendary song writer but has led an interesting life. I read this book in two days and thoroughly enjoyed it and I recommend it to everyone!

  • Walty - Easy install - Quality construction

    Installed very easily on a 2014 KLR650 with no modifications required. It will be very helpful the next time I need to change a flat on the trail, and its also very nice just for servicing the motorcycle. I have not compared to other units, so I can't provide much more input than this. Overall I am pleased with the unit.

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