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  • Rupanjali - Rupanjali is PG Degree holder in M.Sc (Science in Food And Nutrition) from Delhi University.
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  • Betsy Ross - Hess Truck for Christmas

    My two and a half year old grandson loves his Hess truck. Loves the "digger" on back of it. Loves the lights.

  • Cheapskate - Well short of Strauss and Howe

    Pre-Purchased "Big Shifts Ahead" with great anticipation. Upon completion, I'm left wanting much more. Big on data, authors Burns and Porter fail to deliver analysis. Most extrapolation is linear with few exceptions. Much easier and compact read than Strauss and Howe's towering research projects, this book fell far short of what I consider the standard ("Generations").

  • Priscilla - Cannot Understand All These Great Revie

    This was one of the worst books I have read this year. Almost every story had a "huh" ending. I could not believe the endings or should I say lack thereof. After awhile I just skipped stories after reading five pages. Wish I could get money back.

  • MrTimmy - Fear and trepidation, but no disaster

    I've watched Quicken reviews for 2 years now and they've terrified me. I feel like there are many factors surrounding the large number of negative, mediocre, and positive comments.

  • King from Queens, NY - Everyone misses the point

    I used this after having a hair transplant hoping to "keep my new hairs/keep what I have" and only after 3 years, a significant portion of my transplanted hairs fell out plus my original hair. Why? What the transplant surgeon didn't tell me and none of the reviews of LaserComb mention are the nutritional needs your body requires to maintain and grow hair. Are you low in iron? Hair won't re-grow if you are. My one meal-a-day plus snacks wasn't meeting my body's dietary needs. I have to take a liquid iron supplement and eat iron fortified cereal everyday to rebuild my reserves. I take Super Saw Palmetto vitamin to block DHT from making my hair fall out (by the way, the hairs that were transplanted from the back of my head to the front were supposed to be "immune" from the effects of DHT but still fell out). I take a vitamin daily of each of the following: Mega Green Tea Extract, Grapeseed Extract, and Taurine to nourish/effect the follicles on the cellular level. From the vitamin supplements alone, I've noticed a decrease in hair loss and hairs are thicker.

  • Brian - This seems to be a pretty good little water filter

    This seems to be a pretty good little water filter. Its easy to use and doesn't slow down the outflow from the faucet which is awesome. I have one gripe, I don't like the very bottom piece on the non-filter tap where the water comes out, I wish I could take that off and screw the original one from my faucet on instead, because the flow is a bit low-pressure. All in all, I like the filter though, the water tastes good and it's easy to operate.