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  • Rachel K. - Covers every little inch.

    Well I don't know how well it works... yet. Will update. Believe me, cover everything u don't want to get this on. The dust goes everywhere. One bottle did about 500 sq. Feet for me. Just got done applying. Makes a giant mess but I am optimistic. Now I don't have any pets and must have picked up some fleas from the neighbors dogs, so we didn't have tons of fleas to begin with. For the last month I have been trying salt and borax and vacuuming like crazy. Basically only see 2 or 3 fleas a day, but that is still too many. I'll update after 24 hours or so.

  • Maureen Herman - It was a gift for my daughter and she loved it!

    It was a gift for my daughter and she loved it!!! She thought it was perfect - both in appearance and function!!

  • A. cronin - Working already!

    Started it a week ago, and maybe a coincidence, but I got my period on my own! I have PCOS and stopped taking birth control a month and a half ago! We are TTC, and will update if I do get pregnant on this product! Love that it has no taste and dissolves easily. I mostly drink it in water.

  • Amazon Customer - Subpar Hi-Top

    These shoes are definitely a far cry from my older B-Ball Shoes. The sole in particular leaves a lot to be desired. I will say to the "Pro" side of things that they are nice looking shoes. No qualms about that. However, that is not on the top of my list by any means. The unfortunate "Bad"...poor traction on the court, very poor. Night and day difference from my much older and more worn Nike. Very disappointing. Second, the sole itself is not cushioned well. I'm not talking about the insole here. That can be remedied easy enough with an insert. My aging Nike's fell apart after years of hanging around. You can see why they were better for comfort as well. I cannot recommend these to anyone looking to play competitive basketball. Fortunately, I'm just a coach so a little slip sliding away is not a big deal. My suggestion is to look elsewhere. Take it for what it is worth.

  • Dan Glover - What a way with words

    I don't normally read poetry. This book was recommended to me by James Patterson (yes, that James Patterson), however, so I thought if he got something out of it, who am I to argue?