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  • Nichole77 - Doesn't work

    I started taking Amberen in hopes of alleviating perimenopausal symptoms. Instead, what's happened is I've become more menopausal, it seems. I'm hot all the time. I feel like I'm burning up and my body is on fire. Everybody else around me can be cold, but you can feel the heat radiating off my skin now. I'm extremely uncomfortable because of this. On top of that, I've noticed an increase in swelling. I thought these were just random things happening to me at first, but they began a week after I started taking Amberen. Now after reading other reviews on the product, I'm going to stop taking the pills immediately. Instead of weight loss, I've gained water. Instead of reducing my hot flashes, I'm burning up all the time, and my sex drive has stayed the same. It's been a month and a half and they say you have to be on the pill for a month to witness any results. I don't recommend this product. It's just made me more miserable and was a waste of money out of the pocket.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Characters and Fast Action

    Ink Mage, at its best and worst, moves at a great pace. Action comes fast and hard. Characters have emotions and motivations. Ink Mage is for the most part a very fun read without feeling


    Another hit...I loved this book and how it merged perfectly with all the other books scenes YESSSSSSSS and i seen my boo Kenyon name lol

  • Kris Carney - Never going wired again.

    Long have I awaited the day for this masterpiece in my life. A wireless mouse that has no delay and no strings attached. It took me a few weeks to even get used to not being burdened by a tugging wire, but I see just how liberated I am now. Battery could be better but then it would be heavier. As it is now I've only had to charge it once or twice a week; which is kinda annoying because the connector is sometimes difficult to connect.

  • Jack Gingrich - ... I needed and found that program to be really good. Still getting to find more features on this ...

    Have used 2003 version that I got into what I needed and found that program to be really good. Still getting to find more features on this 2013 version on windows 8. Seems to me very user friendly and an excellent home and a great business program to have available. I think overall it is good value and expect that I will still be finding out new features and uses for office in the future

  • Jill - Cheaper than 5 hour energy...

    Good for energy, and makes me fuller faster. So it does what it says I guess. The drawback is that if I don't leave the house and go exercise or do something energetic very shortly after taking it, it make me feel weird, out of sorts and unfriendly. I feel fuller faster when I take it, but I don't take it for weight loss and haven't lost any weight while taking it. That said, I take one in the morning when I feel like it, so I don't take it as directed.

  • Ralph Wood III - Arrived quickly and it''s a real good camcorder.

    Arrived quickly and it''s a real good camcorder...Mine came with a battery that needs some charging before using but it doesn't come with a memory card which you have to have...I would highly recommend this camcorder to anybody....