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  • WONDERWALEYE - It takes to long to do the job. It needs a lot of adjustments.

    It takes to long to do the job. It needs a lot of adjustments. I took the grinder off and used it by it's self. They need to come up with a better way of mounting the grinder.

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent and Affordable Audio Upgrade

    I purchased these to upgrade the dash speakers/tweeters in my 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid. They provide absolutely amazing sound for the price! Excellent sound and easy to install. All I needed was two very small flat headed screwdrivers to pry up the plastic grill over the speakers, and a shorty Phillips headed screwdriver to remove the old speakers and install the new ones. The plastic wiring clips are the same as the old speakers, and they are side-specific. That means each speaker installs only on one side of the dash and the clips won't let you get 'em installed wrong.

  • rtrski - If you are a fan of good SF, please just scroll right on by this one. You have been warned.

    OK Amazon, I have to pick 'predictable/some twists/full of surprises' before you'll even let me start to write a review? Way to dumb down the definition of 'review'. How about just giving me a "dislike" button and leaving it at that.

  • J.L. - Gimmicky

    To start with, this product really is incredibly effective at shedding water. But it also leaves an ugly, chalky film on whatever it is applied to. By itself, this dramatically limits what you can use it on. It's advertised as being great for wood, so I decided to try it on the exterior of a planter box that I built. The film was extremely unsightly, so much so that I just sanded the product off. It is also very expensive for the coating you get. I did not have enough to finish coating the outside of a 6'x2'x2' planter box, and that was $20 of product. Rare miss by Rustoleum.

  • Reader B - If I could, zero stars

    I am using Win 7, 64 bit. It simply will not burn a disc; crashes every time. I have gone on-line and tried the fixes, such as with virtual memory, selecting certain boxes as defaults, and other things suggested, and the result is the same. Even requesting no audio didn't make a difference.

  • ALAN WILLIAMS - will buy again

    I am not a computer geek, but the reviews say this is a good product, and I have not had trouble with bugs, so it seems to work.