James R. Berenson, MD, Inc. - Dr. Berenson has his private practice in West Hollywood, California and has specialized in the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma, MGUS, amyloidosis, Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia and metastatic bone disease as well as conducting research related to these disease both in the basic and clinical areas for more than 20 years.

Country:, North America, US

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  • mp44 - Entertaining. Quick read.

    Good beginning, got my attention. Somewhat slow mid story. Exciting finish. Would read more from this author. Recommend to all PI story readers.

  • R. Thompson - I used to use this - Now found something better..

    I was taking these for a few months as way to prevent UTI's, which I suffer from 3-4 times a year. During the time I was taking this supplement I did not have any UTI's (yay!!) however when my supply ran out I went without them for a month to see if I would notice a difference and sure enough- I got a UTI. That being said they seem to work well for me.

  • J. Phillips - Everything is just as described and they absolutely love them. They start in August and have stickers

    I purchased 3 planners. One for an 8th grader and 2 for 2 eleventh graders. Everything is just as described and they absolutely love them. They start in August and have stickers, coloring pages, quotes, and every week something fun to do.

  • J. Nicholson - Excellent basic camera for intense activities.

    I bought this camera because it had the unique ability to be able to record video and take pictures in multiple environments out-of-the-box. However, there are a few caveats one should be aware of. Tachyon themselves acknowledge that this model is NOT ideal for recording audio, as the camera is built into a watertight casing, muffling the mic. The video software is spartan, but I couldn't care less about editing. Long story short, I use this camera for recording video on a modified racing motorcycle (engine and road noise fill the vacuum), and for scuba diving (can't *hear* fish). You can even mount it to a weapon, another plus. Video quality, ability to survive 30+ meters underwater without a case, small size, and price were priorities. I'm a combat veteran, and wanted something straightforward that will do the job reliably without the sparkly frilly tassles of other models, is not too expensive to be expendable (in a motorcycle crash or SCUBA oopsie), and this camera fits the bill. I gave it four stars because of its limitations. Simple on-off button, 2 AAA batteries, and for $80, that's a go. Comes with lens covers, batteries, cables, and mount adapters.

  • BigMoose - This stuff works pretty well, it gives me a boost when I ...

    Started a lifestyle change. Beginning weight started out at 375. By changing my diet (about 1000 calories a day), taking multivitamins, exercising 40 minutes a day (cardio and the "7 minute workout") and taking this I have lost 32lbs in one month. This stuff works pretty well, it gives me a boost when I don't want to work out . I definitely sweat more when I workout and am warmer while I sleep. I get a kind of blah feeling in my stomach after I take it which I can only guess is the appetite suppressant. Just watch what time you take the stuff because if your taking it after 5pm expect to lose some sleep. Other than that it is a good product to help me along my journey.