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  • Kenneth R. Jurek - The Latest Digital New Yorker is a Smash Hit!

    The latest incarnation of the digital New Yorker seems to be a winner. The download to my Kindle HD seemed a little dificult at first, but then everything worked out with the new 2014 issue. You do have to download older issues, but that isn't a problem. The new issue has bigger print and navigation is a breeze. They finally worked out the kinks!

  • Judy I. - If you are up for the challenge...

    This detox and way of eating has been a complete gift to me. I have battled with my weight for as long as I can remember and although Weight Watchers and other plans really do have merit, they didn't work for me. I needed to learn how food affects my health, mental attitude and physical well being. I am learned a ton. The book is full of info, even though some of it is repetitive, that I found woke up the complacency in me and made me think about myself for a change.

  • G. Alexander - Excellent

    I use the Avati system and this is the final step. The system really does what it is intended to do. Since beginning to use the system, I am not losing hair. I do have to say that, although this step is recommended by Aveda, I find that it is really not necessary to get the results intended.

  • B. Smart - My kids, nieces, nephew and friends have played ...

    My kids, nieces, nephew and friends have played so much with this ball I'm surprised it still holds air!! They have played volley ball and 4 square with it outside on the concrete since the beginning of summer last year....

  • Cadance Renene - Wooo Hoooo!!!

    I am 53 years old, in menopause for about 18 months and I am hypothyroid (I take over 400 mg of Armour a day) and I had severe vaginal dryness, even with the Vivelle dot patch (.5mg of yam derived estrogen) and prometrium (100 mg. of progesterone from peanuts). I also can't sleep worth anything without diphenhydramine and 50 mg. of doctor prescribed antidepressant (Trazadone).