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  • Ray M. - As automated as you can get for a small business

    I bought this solution after using it several years ago for another business that I owned. I didn't even realize it, but in the State of Virginia, it automatically sets up payroll accounts for you (for all but one). I still set mine up manually and entered the account information, but in the future, this will save a lot of time. The updates are frequent but not too distracting. If all you want to do is push a few buttons to pay employees, this is the solution. There is set up involved but if you don't provide the system payroll information, then it cannot provide this service. Definitely recommend this to anyone with little time to spare. It provides all of the State and Federal form filings electronically.

  • Coloradodoc - Seems to help dry mouth symptoms

    Interesting stuff. The regular Biotene tastes much better. The PBF version has a faint banana flavor that's ok but not great. Can not tell if I am getting any extra dental benefit from the PBF. Both seem to help dry mouth symptoms.

  • chai - Helpful so far. Need to stick to it.

    There is a workbook that you use along with the CDs. Definitely need both parents involved in both listening to the CDs and the workbook. Didn't change my child's attitude immediately but has helped.

  • Kindle Customer - Loved it

    I enjoyed getting to know the characters in Ravenwood Cove. The book was well written and kept me wondering "who done it"

  • Mercedes Cairo - Another example of corporate disconnect.

    I am a stage III breast cancer survivor, who has used this product on the area that had radiation treatment, for several years. I noticed the change when I could no longer use it on my face. Whether someone buys a successful restaurant or company, I don't understand why they feel it necessary to mess with what the customers want. I am finding that more and more I have to buy from small local companies, who are directly in touch with their customers. Unless they change this back, I will no longer be buying any of their products.

  • Mark Troutner - Great product

    Thanks for supplying me with a top quality bug deflector. The part fits exactly as described and looks really nice.