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  • Number1DraftPick - Just what i needed

    Cuts really close. I shave with this every day or two and it keeps me free of ingrown hair. Had the cordless Andis before but the battery was unreliable. This one works great. I recommend it and will buy it again to replace this one when it gets old.

  • Amazon Customer - Flowers at his usual.

    John Sanford has the knack of uncovering the whole plot, concealing little if anything and still keeping it suspenseful by introducing difficulties that slow Flowers down in his pursuit of the perpetrators. There are the usual good looking ladies and lots of guns going off except off course Flowers' own which he keeps locked in his truck.

  • Tommy of Richmond - Waiting for spring

    STILL waiting for spring to see the dormant seeds come out, but so far, so good. Had many sprouts in bare spots that never grew grass well around shady areas before winter stuck. If I have good grass pop up in spring time then it will be two thumbs up on J G.

  • Rich56 - NICE TO HAVE...

    This is one of those items that you can live without but it does have a few nice attributes. Once I connected this switch box to my computer the way the plane I chose when I opened it in FSX changed. The very first thing I have to do as soon as the screen opens and I'm inside the plane is to immediately press all the buttons on and then off again, (or vice versa), and turn the starter knob and even activate the landing gear knob, (not in every case), so that the chosen plane recognizes the buttons and their functions. The starter switch works with most of the planes but in several of the turbine prop models, (and 1 or 2 gas engine models), it doesn't work at all or only partially. I really don't understand why they, (Saitek), gave the starter knob a separate Right and Left engine position as well as a "Both/All" position in addition to the "Start" and "Off" positions because only the Start and Off positions seem to do anything. You cannot assign functions to any of the switches which is a pretty major setback. They all have a preset function that can only operate in FSX exclusively. That said, I do find it nice to just press the correlating button for things like the landing lights, Panel light, Beacon and more without having to reach for my mouse. But I do believe that it is way overpriced for its very limited abilities. Had I known more and researched info about the CH Products Switch panel, I would have put the money I spent on this toward the CH panel instead. Even though the CH Panel cost about twice as much it can do far more. In fact, it can completely remove the need for using the keyboard or mouse all together. That panel is my next target

  • Alex Harris - Steep price - but worth it!

    I'm unemployed and I don't have any kids, so you can imagine that I was a bit weary of buying a product called the 'Parent Child Testing Product' but a friend persuaded me it was the real deal. I bought a 20 pack just to be safe and set it down for the test. Turns out it doesn't matter that I'm childless as the Parent Child Testing Product will generate a little nipper for you. I could definitley sense at this point that my money wasn't wasted, as the small child in the baseball cap and shorts walked over to me and introducted himself. A very polite young boy by the name of Jimmy, though I was a bit taken aback by the pupleish, hazy cloud emanating from around him, as if he were a computer-spawned AI designed by the Parent Child Testing Product. Then I realised - that's exactly what he was! "Shall we begin?" he asked me and I nodded.

  • Pamela Spangler - Excellent product

    I have bought this product two times. It's much more affordable and the same product that I bought from the dentist office. I will always reorder from Amazon. A definite must have for teeth whitening.