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  • Debbie - Five Stars

    Great product, very pleased with ease of installation and was exactly as described and pictured on website.

  • lbsouth - Difficult to learn, but amazing once figured out.

    This is the hardest to learn hair styling product I have ever tried. I looked at, at least 5 you tube videos, and was getting no where. They offer a free online personal consultant and I was about to sign up for that when I decided to try one more time and found a tutorial that worked for me. Is the link. It gives very loose lovely beach curls/waves. My hair is layered and just past shoulders (at shoulders when curled), so I was thinking that was why it would not work. It is pricey but there is nothing that will give you a similar look. It really is easy and quick, once you figure out how in the heck to do it. I do clip up my top layers, do the bottom then, drop clip and do the top. Takes about 10 minutes, plus or minus a few minutes depending on how curly or loose I want it.

  • ChuckH - Jeezuz Baloney. Telebrands, unsubscribe me already. 92 emails in 3 months?

    The device itself is sorta okay. It doesn't really provide anything you don't already have, presuming you have internet access. If you go on the internet, you can already log into ABC, CBS, or a zillion other websites that stream content. Some in low quality, some high quality, some free, and some paid. Rabbit TV makes searching for this content a ~~little~~ easier.

  • the naked baker - Five Stars

    nice price and love the annual Swarovski stars and snowflakes...arrived on time and in as advertised condition

  • Christina - Will stick to cellucor

    Will stick to cellucor fat burners. This has a " chill " phase which gives me goosebumps every 30 seconds for a couple hours, then I sweat, which is good, but I feel like that's it. I still feel like I need to push myself. No energy boost at all

  • Human Taxidermist - Bromazing!

    I love that these guys take a humorous approach to describing their product- and it DOES work well and it is much better than the fixed blade, glued in place stuff that other companies are trying to sell. I really liked that they followed up with an email with helpful tips on how to use it, links to where to get good blades, and asking if I had any questions. I'm fully impressed and I recommend them!