HOME - NEUROFIT - Pre-clinical contract research for CNS, PNS and Oncology - NEUROFIT is a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) specialising in the evaluation of treatments for peripheral and central nervous system disorders. NEUROFIT offers a long list of in vivo and in vitro validated methods and disease models for drug screening

  • http://www.bioimpact.net/services.html Services - NEUROFIT offers a variety of well- accepted behavioral tests to assess the potential anxiolytic, antidepressant or antipsychotic effects as well as cognitive enhancing and disrupting effects on learning and memory
  • http://www.bioimpact.net/neurology.html Services - Neurology - These models are used to evaluate the neurotoxic, neuroprotective or neurorestorative effects of drug candidates
  • http://www.bioimpact.net/invitro.html Services - In Vitro - NEUROFIT offers a large range of models and assays for evaluating neurotoxicity, neuroprotection or neurotrophic activity of new test compounds.
  • http://www.bioimpact.net/histology.html Services - Histology - NEUROFIT offers a computer assisted histological platform to investigate changes in morphological profile of peripheral nerves parameters: axonal area, relative myelin sheath thickness, fiber size distribution, fibers density
  • http://www.bioimpact.net/oncology.html Services - Oncology - The inhibition of blood vessel formation (neovascularization) and the disruption of blood vessels within the tumor is one of the most promising therapeutic strategies for treating cancer
  • http://www.bioimpact.net/sideeffects.html Services - Side effects - NEUROFIT offers a large range of tests for evaluating side effects of new test compounds
  • http://www.bioimpact.net/tech-ld.html LIGHT DARK TEST in mice - The light dark (LD) test is used to evaluate the relative anxiety status of mice
  • http://www.bioimpact.net/tech-epm.html ELEVATED PLUS MAZE in rodents - The elevated plus maze (EPM) test is used to evaluate the relative anxiety status of mice or rats. The EPM situation rests on the conflict between the innate tendencies of rodents to explore novel environments and avoid open and brightly lit areas
  • http://www.bioimpact.net/tech-marble.html MARBLE BURYING in mice - The marble burying test is used to record the number of marbles buried by mice placed in a novel environment. Mice, which are placed individually in a cage, bury glass marbles that are present in the cage
  • http://www.bioimpact.net/tech-parkinson.html PARKINSON'S DISEASE - Parkinson disease (PD) involves a selective degeneration of nigrostriatal dopaminergic (DA) neurons. This pathology can be modeled in experimental animals by the administration of MPTP
  • http://www.bioimpact.net/tech-diabet.html DIABETIC NEUROPATHY in the rat - Polyneuropathy is the most common complication of diabetes for which there is no available treatment apart from therapy that normalizes glucose metabolism
  • http://www.bioimpact.net/tech-tmaze.html T-maze Continuous Alternation Task (T-CAT) in mice - The T-maze continuous alternation task (T-CAT) is among the method implemented to evaluate the spatial exploratory performance in mice

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