Biotrial- Your partner in non-clinical research and clinical trials - Biotrial - Biotrial is specialized in early drug developement process . We provide our expertise in conducting medical studies to biotechs, midsize and large pharma companies

  • Career Opportunities: Biotrial Non-Clinical and Clinical Research job postings - Biotrial - In order to keep up with Biotrial’s rapid growth and diverse research and development services, we are accepting applications from qualified candidates for a variety of positions.
  • Contact Us - Biotrial - Biotrial - Find here all informations to contact our psychiatry research and in-vivo pharmacology center. We have international center in UK, Canada, France and USA.
  • Volunteer for clinical studies : Medical test to help medical research - Biotrial - Biotrial - We look for healthy volunteer to create clinical trials. We need many volunteers to make human trials and in-vivo studies.
  • From in vivo Pharmacology studies to Early human clinical trials - Biotrial - Biotrial - Biotrial is a medical expert in cases studies in vivo and human trials. We make non-clinical pharmacology studies on CNS diseases (neurological disorders), cancer treatment, respiratory and cardio problems.
  • High quality non-clinical services - Biotrial - Our work is to provide non-clinical pharmacology services with a high data quality. Biotrial, it's 25 years of experience with a qualified staff. We often work with japanese and us pharma company.
  • Oncology research and development of various tumor models - Biotrial - Biotrial - Medical research to discover and develope effectiveness drugs to cancer and all type of tumor. We analyse differents results to make the best therapeutic window.
  • CNS studies: models from depression and schizophrenia to Alzheimer disease - Biotrial - Biotrial - Biotrial develops behavioral models to mimic schizophrenia symptoms, neurological desorders in Alzheimer (beta amuloid) and Parkinson (6 ohda) disease, We also perform electroencephalography (EEG) and cognition test,
  • Respiratory Pharmacology including models of lung edema and cigarette smoke-induced COPD - Biotrial - Airway inflammation: Bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis, COPD. We also study obstructive sleep apnea symptoms (OSA) and bronchospasm
  • Studies on chronic and acute cardiovascular and renal failure , measurment of renal blood flow- Biotrial - Biotrial - Our medical staff study all cases of haemodynamic and pathophysiology like heart arrhythmia problems and thrombosis symptoms. We make diurisis analysis and renal blood flow.
  • Safety Pharmacology: GLP and non-GLP studies - Biotrial - Biotrial - In addition to GLP core battery in our lab, Biotrial runs specialized non-GLP safety pharmacology studies. We offer different tests in gastrointestinal system and renal impairement. We use biomarkers to follow different clinical and medical state.
  • Clinical research expertise in Phase I Projects - Biotrial - Biotrial - Biotrial is specialized in clinical research projects. Our expertise covers phase I studies and we also recruit patients for clinical trails. We can offer bioanalysis, medical writing and core lab activities
  • First in Human trials: Oncology, CNS, Gastroenterology, Vaccines - Biotrial - Biotrial - Biotrial make studies in different therapeutic areas which cover pharmacokinetic, CNS (neuro), oncology with phase I and phase II. We make human trials to improve drugs development.
  • Pharmacodynamics including CNS, cardiovascular, imaging, renal impairment - Biotrial - Biotrial - Biotrial have all kind of pharmacodynamics experience : EEG and ECG, imaging using fMRI, renal impairment with diurisis. We also offers biological markers (biomarkers) in various areas
  • Volunteer database including healthy subjects, special and patient population - recruitment for clinical trials - Biotrial - We have a large volunteer database with different profile like elederly people, sterilized women, diabetics person... It allow us to have constantly a varied panel of people.
  • Fast clinical recruitment for patient studies- Biotrial - Biotrial - Biotrial can make fast-track sudies thanks to our efficient patient recruitement. Our panel cover many diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson and Schizophrenia (CNS). But also, people who have cardio problems.
  • Medical center highly specialized in clinical assays - Biotrial - Biotrial - Biotrial have different Phase I beds units within hospital environment . It allow to perform better and to be efficient for processing studies quickly. We make pharmacodynamic assessments in following areas : CNS, EEG, PSG, sleep apnea symptoms…
  • Biotrial's Advantages for Patient Trial Management- Biotrial - Biotrial - Our patient case studies allow us to make efficient analysis and protocols. Furthermore we have a technical know-how to carry out all patient study stage. We also have a skilled staff who produce pointed clinical report.
  • Expertise in patient studies and medical experience - Biotrial - Biotrial - Biotrial has a large network covering all therapeutic areas : oncology , research of cancer treatment. Our medical staff also work on neuro problems (CNS), HIV, renal impairment…
  • For an efficient patient trial management - Biotrial - Biotrial - Our device is to give a professional medical service and efficient results in respect of deadlines . We make medical monitoring visits for a good patient management.
  • Phase I and Phase II oncology trials - Biotrial - Biotrial - Clinical trial management on phase I with adme pharmacokinetics drugs testing (volunteers) and phase II to IV : Immunotherapy and hematopoietic problems and also cytotoxics and targeted drugs.
  • In-house oncologist to perform medical monitoring - Biotrial - Biotrial - Thanks to an in-house oncologist, we benefit of is large experience to analyse all type of cancers. We have also a great relationship with oncology centers network.
  • Oncology trials Management using experienced medical specialists - Biotrial - Biotrial - Biotrial's organisation respect deadlines and budget. Moreover we are in constant contact with all Clinical Research Associate (CRA).Biotrial is a contract research organization (CRA) and a site management organization (SMO).

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    City: 2.3292 Paris, France

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