BloomingPaws - Veterinarian Clinic and Dog Grooming - BloomingPaws is Bloomington, Indiana's premiere location for veterinarian care! Our vet clinic, dog trainers & dog groomers keep safety as the #1 priority.

  • Contact BloomingPaws - Info on hours, phone, fax, and an online form for you to contact BloomingPaws for vet, pet daycare, boarding, or grooming services in Bloomington, IN
  • Vet Clinic Overview | Veterinary Clinic & Resort - BloomingPaws Vet Clinic is a full-service veterinary hospital with laser surgery, digital radiology, ultrasound, in-house diagnostic lab.
  • Integrative Vet Care at BloomingPaws - Learn about the different types of vet care including Integrative Vet Care, and get the best treatment possible with our trained veterinary staff.
  • Dental Health Tips for your pets in Bloomington - Here are some dental health tips for your pets in Bloomington, IN. BloomingPaws vet services combine technology, experience, & care for dogs, cats & exotics
  • Laser Therapy at BloomingPaws Vet Clinic - Laser Therapy is a new treatment method at BloomingPaws Vet Clinic. It can help heal a wide range of ailments by treating at the cellular level.
  • Trupanion Pet Insurance at BloomingPaws FAQs - BloomingPaws highly recommends Trupanion Pet Insurance to help you cover medical expenses for your pet. Learn more about coverage, free trials, & benefits.
  • Dog Boarding | Veterinary Clinic & Resort - Your pet's safety and comfort are the highest priorities . We are the only dog boarding facility in Bloomington with an on-site veterinary hospital, giving you peace-of-mind with our unique "Carefree Guarantee."
  • Pet Boarding Checklist - Here is an informative pet boarding checklist to look over before you bring your dog or cat to BloomingPaws, in Bloomington, Indiana, for an overnight stay.
  • Salon & Spa - BloomingPaws Salon & Spa offers many natural options for grooming your pet. Anything from baths to haircuts to shedless treatments. Check it out!
  • BloomingPaws Dog Training Academy - BloomingPaws has individualized dog training solutions & a variety of dog training programs in Bloomington, IN. We help produce happy and well behaved dogs!
  • BloomingPaws Basic Obedience Class - BloomingPaws is offering an Obedience Class for dogs and their owners to help curb unwanted behaviors and to teach basic obedience such as sit and stay.
  • Beyond Basic Group Class - Beyond Basic Group Class at BloomingPaws is a great way to continue you and your dog's training. Read more for price and eligibility.
  • Dog Boarding School at BloomingPaws - Dog Boarding School at BloomingPaws helps you successfully train your pet even with a busy schedule. Anything from brushing-up to clean-slate training.

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