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  • Jodi - Skeptical but surprised

    Update: We have had the Casper mattress for close to a year now and thought I would update my review. My original review is below. I am still breathing a sigh of relief when I lie down in bed at night. I think the best thing about this mattress is the motion isolation. I did not realize how much disruption to my sleep was occurring from my partner flipping over during the night. He works earlier in the day than me and I am constantly surprised when he comes in to say goodbye that he is not still in bed next to me and is in fact showered, dressed and heading to work! We have had the mattress through 4 seasons and I have to say it does not retain heat. I thought last spring that maybe it was when we added the Casper topper but that was just me being acclimated to winter and running hot. My dog is now 14 and arthritic and still coming up on the bed to snuggle at night, which is impressive because he did not start doing this until age 13 when we got the mattress. I have noticed much less aches and pains in my hips and shoulders in the morning from sleeping on my sides. For stomach sleepers, with the topper to add depth and softness, it is still great. I sleep in all positions. I can even stay on my back for longer because my heels do not hurt from the pressure. I would say the mattress by itself is conforming and comfortable but a little on the firm side. With the topper (which was free), it is in the plush range. It is still easy to stand up from the edge of the bed as it is not spongy or sinking. Casper has started advertising now and they have kept the price the same. It is a steal compared to other mattresses on the market of comparable quality. To answer questions that others have sent me ... it comes in a box that is about 3 feet tall by 28 inches wide and deep (fit though my 100-year- old house doorways fine). You bring the mattress to the room where you want it and then unpack it. It is amazing how compact they get it in the box and how quickly it unfolds to its full loft. There was no smell or very minimal (I have migraines and would know). I would still buy this mattress and I have no regrets. I am happy to not be sleeping on an innerspring mattress anymore. I expect this mattress to last. It is not a mattress you flip but I have turned it for even wear. There is no sagging anywhere. I am happy to answer any questions people have. If you found my review helpful, you can use this referral link to get $50 off and I will get a $50 gift card, which would be great!

  • Someone who loves Pink! - Not worth the price.

    Does not spray well and for small for the price. I am going to look for a less expensive alternative. I probably would not buy again.