Scalp Micropigmentation(SMP) - Hair Tattoo for Men and Woman by Brandwood Clinic - Brandwood Clinic is a world leader in Scalp Micro Pigmentation for all hair loss in both Men and Women. Also includes non-invasive cosmetic treatments and screening.

  • SMP What is it? - Our Guide to Scalp Micropigmentation | Brandwood Clinic - SMP is a common acronym for Scalp Micro Pigmentation, a procedure used to remove the stress of balding or complete hair loss. Brandwood Clinic are the UK's leading provider of SMP.

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  • Kate - works great

    My brother is an entomologist and advise me to use this product! He was right! Worked amazing and we were worried because we have a dog! This product says safe for animals from Petco! A little pricey.

  • Unity Rise - If it looks too good to be true.....

    If it looks too good to be true then it probably is. The website sells crap from Asia to westerners willing to pay next to nothing for shipping and costs. Read the reviews....the real reviews on the website and you'll see what I'm talking about. Don't waste your time.

  • jimbo - Not for manufacturing companies -- Don't buy it !!!!

    We just lost another big customer because Sage 50 has a bug in its inventory software that fails to alert you when raw material stock (used in assemblies) runs below the reorder point. Nor does it automatically reorder for you. Consequently, we have to check physical inventory every week -- a real hassle, and if we forget and run out of inventory, we lose customers who expect our normal 3 day deliver. (It takes 6 weeks to bring in more raw material.)

  • Ringhio - Great stuff !

    I bought this compound W freeze off wart removed and I bought some acid ,that was like in group of few top rated wart removers. I was using acid, it left me a scar that is like 4-5 times bigger than the wart was, and I was using this freeze off wart remover, it did removed all the warts, left no scar, and it was almost painless ! First apply it on wart, wart becomes red, after 24 hours becomes black, after 48 hours it falls of, after falling of it leaves some irritated skin on that spot, but after a few days it goes back to normal. None of the warts that I removed with this Compound W freeze off wart remover came back ( thanks to God and lab people that made this ), just in case few days ago I bought another 2. If you looking for wart remover that you can use on your whole body, not worrying about leaving a scars and stuff like that, buy this, and don't look for acids !

  • Jacob Beaujean - Be careful on installation

    Great product, like other reviews stated the instructions suck. Follow other reviews on how to install it and you will be fine. Make sure to put the bars on like how an airplane wing looks like. If you do that then no noise if you install them the wrong way they will be noisey at 30 MPH plus. They look amazing and hold up well. I can't wait to use them.

  • Neisie - This is not a how to book, it is a textbook

    This book is not a how to book. It is a supplement for cosmetology school. That being said, I am not a cosmetology student, nor do I plan to be. I love experimenting with color, cutting my own hair, and facial treatments. What this book does for the noncosmetology is help you understand the rationale behind what beauticians do and understand color concepts. If you are looking for a how to book than this is not it. If you want a book to teach the why of cosmetology than this is a great reference.

  • beaker - easy to chew gummies that taste great

    These are soft, easy to chew gummies that taste great, especially the citrus ones. I could honestly keep eating them as candy they taste that good--watch out anyone that has little ones in the house. This is a great way to get your multivitamins, especially for anyone that hates to or cant swallow whole pills. There is no bad after-taste and they dont stick to the teeth. There is also no added artificial colors and the ingredients are pretty basic--no chemical fillers. However, there is sugar in these, which helps contribute to the great taste. A serving size of each is 2 gummies so they will last you 6 weeks if you remember to take each day--which you probably will since they taste so good. I did receive these free to review the product but enjoy taking them and not too many times can one say it is fun taking vitamins--at least as an adult.