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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 6.1833 North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

  • Sheila Saccomanno - Hubcaps

    These hubcaps are great. The best part was that I only needed one, but if I had gotten them from the Toyota dealer it would have cost me a lot more!

  • The Fink - Couldn't put it down!!!

    An incredibly funny and heartwarming memoir of somebody who I have admired for many years. Whether you are familiar with Sager's work or not this a a book for everyone. Her stories of relationships, both good and bad as well as the stories of her brilliant career made this a book I just couldn't put down.

  • Alisa L. - Great upgrade for laminate countertops

    I recently used the "Java Stone" kit to update the stained white laminate counter tops in my kitchen. As other reviewers have stated, this won't fool anyone into thinking you've got stone or granite, but it's certainly nicer than the plain laminate we had before. "Upgraded laminate" you might say. The Java Stone is a much nicer color in real life than the color swatch on the box. It has almost a purple-brown hue to it in some lights, but I think it would compliment just about any decor. We have white cabinets with brushed nickel handles/pulls and stainless steel appliances. It looks good.

  • Francis P. Reed - Good tablet, good learning device.

    My daughters love these. We have had them for over a year now, and they still play the games, and use them all the time. They love the video camera feature, and use it all the time. The units are good with battery power, and the AC adaptor helps. I have heard that the newer units allow regargable batteries to charge without having to remove them from the unit. That's the one thing that I missed out on these.

  • Kassie - I would not recommend this product

    I ordered this product and whenever I removed it from the packaging I realized it did not contain July at all. My planner skips from June 26th to August 1st. I would not recommend this product. Also, I was disappointed that there was no monthly calendar.

  • TReNo - GOAT

    These are the illest pair of glasses I ever had, I have been rocking Versace sunglasses for a minute, theses right hear are the best I had and seen. Everywhere I go people compliment me on them. They look great feel great and fit me perfectly!