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  • Micheal Grisham - Perfect fit for 2012 F250 Lariat FX4

    Finally got around to put these on this morning. All I can say is they fit perfect. I was little nervous being as there were no reviews but took a chance. You won't regret them. They just fit nicely and are proportioned really good as well.

  • mr b - False advertizing

    False adv. Looks like you could use it on any painted surface .Also will not take refunds even if product was not opened or used. Bottle looks much bigger on the ad than the 1.5 oz. that it is .. !!!!!

  • Sarah Lynn Chambliss - 70 cool high gloss stickers!

    I got these to go with the Sticker album for my son. The set comes with ten packages containing 7 different stickers within each individual package. We only got two duplicates in our entire set, which was pretty cool! It contains rookies and veteran players as well, so that makes it interesting - even for my husband who likes to complete the set with our son. These absolutely would make a great stocking stuffer in addition to the album if you're looking for gift ideas with Christmas right around the corner.

  • Kevin Cook - Tastes like an old sailors boot

    Tastes like an old sailors boot, but holy crap this stuff works! Suck it up for 10 days and you'll see. Lost 12 pounds!

  • Duane H. - This did the trick,

    This did the trick, I was kind of bummed that my cameras needed this and were not POEto begin with but it was a inexpensive adapter

  • Michael R. Young - He is a Superstar if ever there was one

    I absolutly love this musical. I saw it on Broadway, saw it at the Papermill Play House in Milburn, NJ, saw the movie, purchased the DVD, purchased the LP and to this day, I never grew tired of listening to this wonderfully and is, in my opinion, terrific contempoary and brilliantly scoreed rock musical. I really can't believe that it took me so long to purchase the CD version. Well better late than never. If you love musicals then you will love this CD. If your aren't interested in the theology of the story and if you enjoy theology then you will love this music especially for the portrayal of Judas. If you have heard it then you will enjoy hearing it again and again. If you haven't heard it then what are you waiting for? Anyway you look at it, you will enjoy listening to this, in my opinion, contemporary musical classic, Jesus Christ Superstar

  • DancinCouponMom - Hey it might even help you become amazing at your own trimming and you won't need a ...

    This simple yet effective product really helps with shaping up your beard. When ordering you will receive a clear plastic tool that will assist you will all of your bearded needs. All you have to do is hold the product to your desired liking on your face and shave or trim away. This shaping template will help you with those in-between visits to the barber. Hey it might even help you become amazing at your own trimming and you won't need a barber again. Overall, this is a very simple product that can go a long way.