Brain Jogging & Camp Academia - focusing on learning disabilities - Camp Academia's Brain jogging program provides positive results for learning disabilities. We offer consultation, evaluation, implementation and instruction including summer camps, monthly tune-up sessions and one on one work.

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  • Matthew D. Shanahan - Defective!!!

    I ordered this shirt for my brother's birthday and it only had TWO wolves on it. When I called Amazon customer service they informed me that the third wolf was on back order. They said the could ship me out another moon, but that would make for a ridiculous t-shirt.

  • Amazon Customer - Mixed up, poorly organized, CDs had no topics ...

    Mixed up, poorly organized, CDs had no topics on top everything is just mixed up. I have limited time so I can listen to all CDs at once. But I can't choose which to listen first as they have no title on them

  • Beth - Fast results for cystic acne!

    I was a little reluctant to buy this product after reading all of the reviews saying people were paid to review the product. I hate that. But I purchased anyway. I have been dealing with horrible cystic acne ever since I stopped breastfeeding my son this summer....hormonal changes I guess?? Anyway, it never got better and I've tried everything! All of the over-the-counter stuff like Clean and Clear and Clearasil.... various facial washes..... I even tried oil cleansing. Nothing was even touching it and my entire chin and neck and cheek area was covered and these horrible deep cystic acne pimples. I am now 12 weeks pregnant almost and the acne still had not subsided. I thought maybe pregnancy hormones would help but it did not. I tried the Keeva cream this week when it arrived and literally within a couple of days I noticed a big difference. I still have a few of the cysts but they are way smaller and my skin is definitely overall much smoother and clearer. I like that the ingredients are more natural and it gives a really nice tingly feeling to your face. The container is small and it is kind of expensive but I guess it is worth it if it works!