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  • http://www.cellvizio.net/about-us About Us | Cellvizio.net - Significant medical breakthroughs often originate outside medicine. Ours comes from astrophysics.Mauna Kea Technologies’ founder, Sacha Loiseau, Ph.D ., built his early career in astrophysics . Together with a multi-disciplinary team of the top minds in physics, mathematics, astrophysics and imaging, he worked on some of the most challenging astronomical projects at NASA , including the development of technologies to generate clear images of the faintest objects millions of miles from earth. Having seen the imaging of the universe’s farthest frontiers become a reality, he turned to his lifelong interest in medical imaging and dedicated himself to finding a way to clearly visualize the smallest, darkest areas insides the body’s organs. He brought together a multi-disciplinary team of experts and founded the company with the highest confidence that the advances in astrophysics instrumentation could be applied to medicine to detect disease and help patients get the right treatments faster than ever possible before.Our VisionFor decades, tissue has been the issue, because biopsy - the physical removal of a piece of tissue - was the only way to get access to the microscopic information which reveals the exact nature of the tissue and enables a diagnostic assessment. Limited sampling, delays associated with the histopathological evaluation of the biopsy specimens, and complications originating from biopsies, were inherent limitations to the process faced everyday by patients and physicians alike.With Cellvizio, optical biopsy has brought the microscope to the patient, literally inside the patient, thus providing critical benefits to patients and physicians: real time evaluation of live tissue at the finest level, with immediate results rather than days or weeks later, the ability to examine as many areas as necessary during a procedure, the absence of any complications due to the biopsy.Our vision is that the establishment of optical biopsy procedures with confocal laser endomicroscopy and its future developments is dramatically enhancing the patient management, by streamlining the diagnosis work-up, making it faster, more reliable and more cost-effective. To learn more about Mauna Kea Technologies, please visit our corporate website: // //
  • http://www.cellvizio.net/what-is-cellvizio What is Cellvizio? | Cellvizio.net - Cellvizio is a breakthrough technologyCellvizio is an endomicroscopy system which generates optical biopsies, providing physicians with microscopic images of tissue instantaneously and in a minimally-invasive manner. This simple pattern recognition facilitates better decision-making and improved patient management. Clinical trials have shown that Cellvizio can provide benefits at each step of the patient management, and in multiple indications, including:Barrett's EsophagusGastric DiseasesBilio-pancreatic StricturesPancreatic CystsInflammatory Bowel DiseasesColorectal LesionsLung NodulesUrinary Tract LesionsA complete endomicroscopy platformCellvizio offers a choice of Confocal Miniprobes that were designed to answer the specific needs of each endoscopy field: GastroFlex for Eso-Gastro-Duodenoscopy(EGD) CholangioFlex for Confocal Cholangioscopy in ERCP ColoFlex for Colonoscopy AlveoFlex for Bronchoscopy and AlveoscopyThis makes Cellvizio a complete endomicroscopy platform that can benefit endoscopists from different fields who seek one common goal: to detect disease earlier and improve patient outcomes. Frequent and high-quality training opportunities Mauna Kea Technologies organizes frequent pCLE learning workshops at centers near you. A strong community of users dedicated to the adoption of pCLE Mauna Kea Technologies is dedicated to accompanying the adopters of Cellvizio throughout their discovery of pCLE and their practice. A very strong community of luminaries meets once a year at the International Conference of Cellvizio Users (ICCU) , an event praised by GI leaders as an exceptional scientific and medical meetingFeel free to contact us for more information. Cellvizio is the first and only probe-based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (pCLE) solution. It is compatible with all flexible video-endoscopes, and can therefore be readily integrated into any endoscopy environment.How does it work? "The term 'Optical Biopsy' refers to methods that use the properties of light to enable the operator to make an instant diagnosis at endoscopy, previously possible only by using histological or cytological analysis. This (traditional) method of evaluation creates a significant delay in diagnosis, introduces the possibility of sampling error, and adds to the risk and cost of the procedure." Thomas D. Wang, MD, PhD Associate Professor, Gastroenterology University of Michigan, USA

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  • Jade D - Got rid of "basement" smell in a downstairs basement in a day.

    Worked great! A downstairs bedroom was starting to smell like a basement a bit and is the farthest room from the big dehumidifier we have down there. I put this in the room and the next day it smelled better. I could not believe the difference in a day and I will buy another when that one needs replacing. The carpet felt somewhat damp and the difference was amazing.

  • smess - kaspersky fan

    I used to he a malware researcher and am currently a system administrator. Kaspersky has always been one of my favorite suites. They stay current with the ever evolving threats which is hard to do when you know as much as I do with random files and registry settings that go undetected by other programs. They are quick with their definition updates which is why I prefer them. Plus the sale price I got for cyber Monday was outstanding and as a gift it keeps me from having to clean someone else's computer :) I will update my review after installing since others noted issues. Four stars for now.

  • Christina Salmon - AutoCAD Lt 2012

    Excellent Product. Like owning AutoCAD 2000 only it's cheaper. Can switch from old display to new. Great for my business. Great customer-service by AutoDesk too.

  • Diana L. Woodside - Good book if you understand a lot of the technical terminology already. For a beginner this is way too over the top

    Just a little too techy in its information for me. I ended up signing up for a class at our local community college after all. Didn't want to spend the extra money, but the book is not clear cut for those not understanding some of the computer lingo within the instructions.

  • Megablend - Great software for the money!

    The Home Designer Suite software is amazing! Granted, it is not Home Designer Architectural or Home Designer Pro, it is a pretty powerful tool for the money.

  • kathleen m bielat - NO STARS FOR THIS.

    No stars for this expensive junk! I give this product a "F" for failure to live up to the warranty. Less than a year after applying this deck restore, it is pealing off in sheets. We followed the instructions to the letter. We wanted something that didn't need yearly application. Boy, are disappointed.

  • Andrew Scarlata - THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING...(fellow wolf pack member Joe's review below)

    My friend Andy recently gave me the Three Wolf Shirt as a gift. I have been fortunate enough in this life to receive many gifts, but this shirt is in a class all by itself. Since then, I have separated my friends into two distinct categories: those who give me Three Wolf Shirts as gifts, and those who don't. Simple as that.