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  • Bee Charmer - Great idea but

    I gave it one star because it did cook the eggs. And splattered them all over my microwave. And stuck them to the bottom through the grate even though I followed the directions perfectly. Great idea but....

  • Blues30 - My joints even felt great! However

    I wanted this product to work. I was really desperate. I ordered a box of this as well as the five lac. After taking Three Lac all my yeast symptoms subsided. My joints even felt great ! However, I felt like I was getting a UTI. After having a big problem with UTI's in the past this really scared me. So I called Three Lac and they told me it was part of the die off and I wanted them to be correct. So I went down to half a packet. I even had my husband try this and he felt like he was getting sick. The half a packet still made me feel like I had a UTI. I also had horrible abdominal cramping while taking this. So I stropped taking it and the UTI symptoms and abdominal cramping went away.

  • FitTraveller - Parabens

    So I was using this shaving cream and absolutely loved it. It lathers well and smells good but I recently found out that it is not paraben free. For those who dont know what parabens are can look it up here

  • Stuart C - This stuff is amazing!

    We bought a new house last summer and it has a patio made of brick pavers that has a lot of shade and gets mossy and slimy. Last summer I had to spend all day power washing it and I said never again. I found this product and sprayed it on the patio with a pump sprayer last summer. As I sit here today and look at the patio in January, it looks as clean as the day I washed it without a trace of moss or slime even though we've had a lot of moisture and very little sun this winter. I have no idea how long it will last at this point, as it has already lasted 6 months, but the minute it starts to wear off, I will not hesitate to use this product again. One hour to spray it on vs. all day cleaning the patio. That is an easy choice.