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  • Waysidelynne - great product

    This product works great to rid the body of pinworms. I had tried other remedies but this one really works.

  • P. Scott Pope - Very Effective, Significant Expansion Upon Drying Requires Caution

    After having a bottle of Gorilla Glue sitting around unopened for over a year, I decided to use it on three repair projects. The first was for multiple joints on a flimsy Ikea Malm chest of drawers. The second project was the reattachment of a shoe sole. Both projects were successful. However, the significant expansion of this polyurethane adhesive caused quite a mess. This degree of expansion (~4X), while beneficial in many regards, is something every user should anticipate. As an experiment, I also tried Gorilla Glue on third item - a plastic handle of a pair of scissors. This was a failure as the glue didn't hold for more than a few uses.

  • Nate - When i finally received this item the box looked like it had been played in a soccer game all ...

    When i finally received this item the box looked like it had been played in a soccer game all beat to hell. And then it was very clear that someone used it before me there was dirt and water spots inside it. And none of the seed or blue dye was with it. After i bought this item i then found out i could purchase it at Home Depot, i used the Hydro Mousse i bought from the Home Depot and i was very happy with how it performed and the results are clear that it dose work well.

  • maboyett64 - Bogus Reviews

    Be sure to check out "All My Reviews". It appears that all the 5 star ratings are from reviewers that have ONLY reviewed this product. In other words, shills.

  • adgmaine - Too many problems

    I upgraded from ACT 2007. I did not have any conflict issues with 2007. After I installed ACT 2010 Outlook would lock up when opened. I have spent way too much time at the KB trying to figure out why I am having these problems. I would return the software if I could.

  • Doty15 - Time will tell or will it ?

    Loved seeing Shirley Maclaine and Jessica Lange, Story line was interesting and the 2 gals in cahoots together played well into their scheme of plans. Kinda like the last hurrah and one last oat to sow.

  • Pauly - Will pick it over an iphone anyday

    Got it from a local store and I loved the phone! The edge design is unique and appealing. Much better batter life and overall performance is great.. Not sure what's not there to like in the phone..Hope to use it for a long time