CIPRODEX® Otic - Find instructions on using CIPRODEX® Otic and access instant savings for eligible patients, dosing information and games for kids.

  • CIPRODEX® Otic Instant Savings and Rebate Offer - Learn how you can receive instant savings on your CIPRODEX® Otic prescription.
  • Ear Infection Types - Learn more about an outer ear infection and a middle ear infection with tubes, and how it can affect your child.
  • CIPRODEX® (ciprofloxacin 0.3% and dexamethasone 0.1%) Sterile Otic Suspension | DROPS101™ Web Tool – Dosing Help - CIPRODEX® Otic DROPS101™ Web Tool. Dosing tools for CIPRODEX® Otic, an effective treatment for your child’s ear infection.
  • CIPRODEX® Otic Video Library - Access videos that explain how to dose for an outer ear infection or middle ear infection with tubes using CIPRODEX® Otic.
  • Illustrated Guide for CIPRODEX® Otic - View an illustrated guide for step-by-step dosing instructions for CIPRODEX® Otic.
  • CIPRODEX® Otic Dosing Games - Play dosing games aimed to distract kids while administering CIPRODEX® Otic.

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  • Joey W. - get to the point please

    a little wordy and repetitive. Book could have been half the size but it had good info that I'm trying out. May update if I see results

  • Rachel A. Adams - Worked so good

    I moved into a new place and the previous owner did not clean up after their pets accidents... saturated the areas that smelled and left to air dry and voila i dont smell it anymore! however its easy to go through the bottles quick so beware :)

  • Jeff O. - It looks like a 90's game!

    I'm not even gonna bother to write a lot about this game, I'm not sure why but it looks like a demo, all glitchy and slow, the players look like made of plastic and the movements are totally unreal, I don't know what's gonna happen with the franchise but this is a huge step back from where the game was coming. So disappointed!

  • Denis - Well made, as described.

    Just received case. It appears to be well made, fits snugly, holds 4 cards and the stand is functional. It's a little bulky but meets all the functional uses that I was seeking.

  • save$$ spend less - sweat sweat works

    I put this on along with a trimming belt as it say 30min workout I did on my treadmil you will sweat like crazy it realy does work