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  • Stephen J Wiehe - Do not buy this product just yet..

    Just received the new GoPro Hero3. We updated the firmware as they suggest. Now the camera freezes on power on. I should have looked at other websites for feedback as this is not an uncommon problem. I have their older cameras and they work great. This model isn't ready for prime time yet. Once they fix it, it will be a great product. It's just not ready now. The Hero3 is going back to Amazon on Monday.

  • Carol Langner - Anyone who has used any other way of irrigating the sinuses will love this product

    My husband has had nasal surgery and really loves the ease of using this. Anyone who has used any other way of irrigating the sinuses will love this product. Since he had been doing the old fashioned way this was exciting and easy for him on the first try. Well worth every penny.

  • Amazon Customer - Aggravating, confusing, unhelpful, and sometimes just completely wrong

    Subtract the huge margins, redundancies, errata, overly complicated explanations, oversimplifications, and all of the (inevitable) optimism and inflated language that manages to be both folksy and patronizing, and there are perhaps 20 or 30 pages of useful, correct, relevant information. The bulk of the book consists of half-page-per-question analyses, almost all of which do a remarkable job of taking up space and explaining absolutely nothing. Whenever a tricky or ambiguous question comes up, it gets glossed over. A typical "tool in the arsenal" for "conquering" verbal questions reads like this: "Choice E, 'belies,' means "to contradict," so it's the correct answer." A variation on the theme will go something like this: "An engineer would not have studied a (A) 'porous' (full of holes) or (C) "implausible" etching process, so the answer for the first blank can only be (B) 'innovative'"...and then a full stop, although nothing has been said at all, except that the author clearly does not know what "etching" is, or that it could very well have to do with being "full of holes." These are just the first two questions; it goes on like that. The math section is in the same style, only correspondingly more mystifying.

  • littlegnat - Smells great and works well for makeup brush cleaning!

    I bought this to clean my makeup brushes rather than wash any babies, but it smells great and doesn't foam too much (which I needed for the brushes). I love Burt's Bees brand already, even if it's a bit pricey, I feel like it's worth it for a natural product.

  • Charles B Shaw - Interesting, slightly demented, and terribly written

    MS King writes much as one might expect an 8th grader in the Hitler Youth to pen an essay about world history: his analysis is facile, disingenuous, and completely biased. In King's universe, the Evil Jews are responsible for absolutely everything that has ever gone wrong in history. Everything. No sane or rational thinking human would ever accept his version of history unless they too subscribe to the same (not so veiled) Antisemitism as King. And yes I'm afraid it is bigotry when you place sole blame on a single race of people and justify the horrible atrocities done to them. The Jewish people are no more responsible for the actions of the Rothschilds et al than the average American is responsible for the actions of the Fed. But King indicts an entire people rather than take the time to research a balanced version of history, for somewhere between King and the establishment historians is the actual truth. Of course, King could be dismissed outright simply for denying the Holocaust, the single most documented crime in history. Taking the oft-quoted approach by deniers of "why was the number of 6 million Jews in peril repeated in press" King insinuates that the whole thing was a hoax. Only an idiot living in a bubble would be so gullible....which is what King appears to be. And referring to the contributions of Black Americans as "degenerate art" reveals the deepest and most pernicious form of racism. I pity this man and how much hatred he must have in his heart.

  • P. Sikes - best money I've ever spent

    Another reviewer said this is not a miracle product, but for me it was. It truly has saved me $975. My 2000 Chevy Prizm check engine light has been off and mostly on, for like 10 months. It was time for inspection and I didn't pass because the light was on so I took it to a dealer (yes, I know, I know but the last time I didn't go to the dealer when the check engine light was on it went in the shop 5 times and was never fixed correctly until I took it to a dealer). On top of a whole host of other completely inflated and bogus repairs they suggested, they told me I had to REPLACE the catalytic converter to the tune of $1,000+. There was no other option. This was it. For an old, high mileage car it wasn't worth it and I came very close to just selling the car to a junkyard.

  • gavii2000 - Do not buy it!

    This should be not on the shelfs in any store. I wasted 2 hours of my life. Landed in the trash. I wish i read these reviews first.