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  • Karen - Don't get done at dealership

    I went in for an oil change (with a coupon) for $24.99 at my Jeep dealer. As always the service advisor came out to inform me what other services I may need. He said the one that most concerned him was my 3rd brake light was out. He said I may get a ticket. So I said, 'ok, how much?" It would be $186.00. um, what? So I told him I would wait and try to do it on my own. He said it was difficult because it's an entire unit and not just one bulb. I went on my phone to search to see if this was accurate, hoping I could just replace a bulb, but found out I couldn't. I went on to Amazon and found this unit was such high reviews and less than half of what the dealer quoted. I was skeptical, but ordered it. I figured if I couldn't do it, I would just return it, and pay the dealer to install it. The item arrived within the week and it literally took me less than 3 minutes to do. I had the bit to remove the star shaped screws in my inspector gadget suitcase filled with tools that I had received as a gift after my divorce, and it was a piece of cake. I just made sure I looked at what needed to be connected to the new unit before disconnecting the old one (there are no instructions in the box). I like to save money when I can, and this was a great savings. The new unit has a nice snug rubber piece on the underside, which compared to my old one, was really good quality and it's nice and bright.

  • jenna - bad shampoo

    This shampoo did absolutely nothing for me. Gave it 2 months of use, made my hair brittle and noticed more hair in the drain. There are better alternatives out there.

  • C. Schroeder - One of the best in the series!

    I absolutely loved this year's anthology of the "best of" short stories. I had all but given up on this series due to recent uprising of violent, shock-value, experimental and "magic realism" stories. It seemed there was just this trend to be weird and shocking just to get published/noticed. This year is a quieter bunch on some level and although many tend towards depressing or sad, gone is the extreme darkness and violence that plagued many short stories of the last couple of years. These are more about relationships, being different and the fears we have that we may never connect with other human beings. Jennifer Egan did a great job paring down to the final 20 and maybe it was criteria she used that I resonated with, but I thought her choices were interesting, exciting and brought a new spark to possibilities for the contemporary short story. I felt only two stories were mediocre, not memorable, but not horrible either ("The Breeze" by Joshua Ferris - not so much the subject matter and writing which were good, but the ridiculous choppy back/forth "what if" form, it was very done before and took a LOT away from just enjoying a story about a crumbling contemporary relationship; and "Next to Nothing" by Stephen O'Connor, simply because it was hard to believe. It was, however, a right chilling/spooky story). The remainders I would call 5-star. It was a pleasure to see some of the masters of the form, e.g., Charles Baxter, T.C Boyle, Joyce Carol Oates, but also wow, some of the newcomers were awesome ,e.g., Benjamin Nugent ("God"), Mollly McNett ("La Pulchra Nota") and Laura Van Den Berg ("Antarctica"). This book really brought back some great joy in not only reading fiction, but short stories. Highly recommended if you might like to try venturing into short stories, but especially if you already love them.

  • ANDREA1969 - I Spy With My Eye....

    This "PowerLead Puda D003 Dash Cam Dual Camera 1080P Dual camera Front Camera 158°Back Camera 120°Wide Angle Super Night Vision Mode HD Video 1920*1080 DVR" takes great footage. Once you set up this dash cam it will automatically turn on and off (almost instantly) with your car so you don’t even have to think about it. The cable is VERY long and can be tucked into the gap around your windshield to not obstruct your view. The camera continually takes 5-10-15 minute video segments and overwrites the oldest segments when the SD card runs out of space. If the camera senses an impact it will lock that video segment and put it into a separate folder in the SD card where it will not be overwritten. You can also press the lock button on the camera to manually lock a segment from being overwritten.

  • Tinywishes - I was a little skeptical that this could be a good product, given the reasonable price

    Honestly, I was a little skeptical that this could be a good product, given the reasonable price. But I bit the bullet and ordered two anyway, figuring that they couldn't be as bad as my aging charger that had become unreliable. SO glad I did! Now I have a charger for my backpack, and one for the car, and I'm never without a way to charge my phone when I need to.

  • Amazon Customer - Great starter book

    I've bought this book about 10 times. I keep handing this book out when people ask me how to start investing. It has everything you need to know to get started. This is the best investment before investing!

  • newmom - No corn syrup and very helpful for milk protein allergies

    This formula is fantastic for babies with a milk protein allergy and the RTF version has probably the "best" ingredients of a mainstream formula (no corn syrup, only 4% sugar). My first baby had bloody diapers for 10 days after 2 oz of regular Similac formula and after that she reacted to any dairy in my diet with awful bloody diapers. I breastfed, but sometimes wanted to be away for more than 2 hrs and pumping is hard work when full time breastfeeding - I couldn't pump enough unless I wanted to pump all day and then I was creating an oversupply and getting woken up by my boobs in the middle of the night while my baby slept. So I started supplementing with Alimentum. It took a month for her to accept the nasty taste (my husband and I taste tested Nutrimigen, Elecare, and Alimentum in all forms….Alimentum RTF is the best, at least for adult taste buds, but it's still gross compared to regular formula). But when she did drink it, she had absolutely no reaction. What a life saver. Converted to it 100% at 11 months and stayed on it until 15 months after failing a milk challenge at 12 months. Alimentum RTF is not full of corn syrup and is easy on even true milk allergy babies.