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  • About Codeine - Find detailed information about codeine including why it is prescribed, the history of codeine, brand names and more at
  • Effects of Codeine - Learn how codeine effects that body, what the side effects of codeine use are and how codeine can affect pregnant or nursing mothers at
  • Codeine Pharmacology - The pharmacology of codeine including the half-life and the length of time that it takes for codeine to metabolize in the system are important facts for those who take the drug.
  • Codeine Addiction - Details about codeine addiction including how to recognize the signs of codeine use, codeine addiction symptoms and what to expect during withdrawal.
  • Codeine Treatment - Find details about codeine treatment including the many uses of codeine in the medical field and options for treatment of codeine addiction.
  • Codeine Brand Names - Codeine is marketed under many different brand names including both generic and non-generic pain relievers and cough suppressants.
  • Effects of Codeine and Alcohol - The effects of codeine and alcohol can be a deadly combination that leads to overdose complications and potentially more serious side effects.
  • Codeine Addiction Treatment - Find codeine addiction treatment by calling our helpline toll free at 1-800-895-1695 to talk with a caring counselor who can help.

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