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  • Amazon Customer - Dont get it!!!!

    I was super disappointed on this little projector. I was planning on using in for my ps4 but it just looks supper blurry no matter what I do with it. Now I have to sell this and get a more expensive one

  • Morgan S. Green - Works like a charm!

    Easy to install (less than 30 seconds) and the reception is the same as the factory antenna. The low profile is exactly what I was looking for.

  • The Every Free Chance Reader - LOVE LOVE LOVE

    I am in love with this hair mask. My hair has never felt so soft and smooth. And the fragrance is absolutely wonderful. It is my new favorite hair product.

  • For The Love Of Books - LOVED IT!!!!!

    I'm a huge fan of Penelope Douglas and when I say huge fan I really mean I stalk her always waiting to see what she's working on. I have been waiting for some time now to read Punk 57 and it definitely lived up to the hype!!! I love her storytelling the way she makes you hate someone so fierce and then makes you love them just has hard. I felt that with Bully then Corrupt and now with Punk 57. Although the first two I was pissed at the men however in Punk I was made at the heroine. Yes Ryen made me want to strangle her so many times. She's mean and singleminded. Now that being said Misha had his faults as well. I loved how he pushed Ryen out of her comfort zone so many times. I loved his way of showing her, her faults. It took her some time to change her ways but in the end they helped one I another.

  • Sarah - love it

    I just tried this the other day and I think it's fantastic. it will measure your progress visualy (watch your body shrink). There are lots of workouts to choose from and there are trinings for the more complicated activities. I did feel like I got a good workout and I had fun doing it. My kids love it too, they are 10 and 12.