Cord Blood Banking — Cord Blood Center - Cord blood can be used in treatments for more than 80 diseases. Find out which cord blood bank is right for your family and start banking today.

  • Cord Blood - Understanding the Benefits of Cord Blood - Cord blood is found in the child's umbilical cord at birth. Learn how to use this blood for treating dozens of dangerous diseases later on by storing it.
  • Cord Blood Banking - Using Cord Blood for Treating Diseases - Banking your child's cord blood means you'll have access to it for future treatments. Cord blood banking can give you peace of mind and security.
  • Donating Cord Blood - Provide Life-Saving Treatment - Mothers and families can donate blood from their child’s umbilical cord, which contains valuable stem cells used in the treatment of over 80 diseases. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Cord Blood Banking - Get answers to all the questions you have about cord blood banking. Find out how cord blood is stored, what diseases it can treat and why people bank.
  • Cord Blood Benefits - Treating Diseases with Cord Blood - The benefits of storing your child's cord blood include peace of mind and the ability to potentially protect your family against many dangerous diseases.
  • Cord Blood Banking Costs and Storage Fees - Learn the difference between public and private banking for cord blood and understand all the costs associated with storing your child's cord blood.

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