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  • B. Leed - Worked!

    I selected the qcarbo 32 because my toxin intake was moderate but I was overweight. I refrained for 6 days before taking a pre-employment drug screen. On the day of the drug screen, I took a home detection test which proved positive. This is how I did it-- I kept hydrated a few days leading up to the test, on the day of the test, I drink about 16 oz. water before beginning the cleanse. I drank the entire bottle (tropical flavor) and a short time later, I went to the bathroom. Over the course of 2 hours, I went 3 times. I am happy to say that it worked for me and I would recommend this product!

  • Donna B. Wyatt - Hallmark 2012 Card Studio - DO NOT BUY

    Hallmark's 2010 version worked like a dream on Windows XP. Then the upgrades began. The Hallmark 2011 was a disaster as it did not load properly even after tech pros tried to help. It was impossible to get customer service on the phone (no human) after several tries. Thank goodness I bought this through Amazon who helped to get the refund for me. I thought getting the DOWNLOAD 2012 version was the answer but this was worse. I am still in the process of trying to get help or a refund after several hours on the phone waiting for a "Hallmark" human. Do not buy this 2012 product. In fact...RUN away fast!

  • ASSIREKAEVAS - One of the BEST purchases ever I've made!

    I want to thank the lady that posted her review about her facial hair and how this is the only thing that ever really worked because she's the reason I got this and she was absolutely right about it!! I've only been using it for 5 weeks and from the first week there was a significantly noticeable reduction in hair growth- I went from having to shave the unsightly hair every day to maybe once or twice a week!!! THANK YOU, you lovely lady and thank you Remington for this product!! Best $250 I've spent on one product in A LONG TIME!!

  • Olga - Best tea, pregnant or not!

    I have just ordered another package of this wonderful tea. I drink it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between! The flavor is really good and I drink this tea without sugar. I am 8 months pregnant at the moment and the tea really helps me to relax and feel better especially after a long crazy day chasing my 1 year old around! I sit down turn on a nice movie and have a big cup of this wonderful rejuvenating tea... I like that it is made of blend of very healthy herbs for your body and mind. Our lactation consultant, OB and midwife all recommend Yogi tea for pregnant women and there is also one for nursing women to help with with milk production.