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  • Tyla - Clever way to check your camera from your phone

    This is a clever way to check your game camera cards from your phone. I would recommend that you check for compatibility as the seller advises. I have a cheap phone that it wasn't compatible with, but it worked with a Samsung Galaxy a friend of mine has. I was able to look at pictures from my cameras cards on his phone. I let my friend borrow it and he has yet to return it. I would recommend this to someone with a Samsung phone, but I would check your compatibility as the seller describes to save you from finding out when it arrives if it works or not.

  • PTodd - So Happy I Purchased!!

    I am truly amazed by this product! I was skeptical but being almost 60 I wanted to get back on track and was willing to try. Women of our age tend to gather weight in the mid section and I was wanting to firm it up. I use daily and have never felt any discomfort or soreness ever. I saw changes in just 5 weeks I used it! My job has me traveling weekly and I pack it with me and do my emails while wearing it. I can't say enough. The 20 minutes of aerobics I was doing did nothing for my mid section but with the belt I see definition already. I am so pleased that I added this to my exercise regime!

  • Cendy - Makes my hair very soft

    I really like these shampoo, it helps me not have an itchy scalp leaving it very soft. But I'm not sure if it will help with the hair loss part. More expensive than most shampoos but one bottle can last me a while.

  • Angela - Great Money Saver

    In my opinion, SeaChem's Prime is the best water conditioner on the market. I've tried a few of them and Prime does the best job. It removes chlorine/chloramine and other toxic metals from water instantly. Plus, as little as literally ONE drop treats a gallon of water. I have a total of 115 gallons of water in my 3 tanks. I perform 50% weekly water changes in all of the 3 tanks. To give you an idea of how economical Prime is, I've had a 250 mL bottle of it for more than a year. Only a few dollars' worth will treat hundreds of gallons of water. And as I've mentioned above, I perform 50% weekly water changes for my 115 gallons of water. Now, that's what I call a really great product. Highly recommend it to any serious fish keepers :o)

  • Jeff Wulf - Honestly HATE it.

    INTENSE shoulder pain. I think if you're a larger person the purple part will "crush" under you and it will be comfortable (like it is on my hips.)