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  • S. Vilotti - Strong smell works well

    Got this product for my wife. She uses it daily even though she objects to the strong smell. It has definitely reduced the little bit of acne on her face. Although she never had a large problem with it, it does work better to keep her skin clear than the mainstream store bought products. She uses it in the shower, but had to replace the pump with an extra one she had from another product. The pump that came with the bottle never worked.

  • Eldub - Good Job!

    This book is a superior reference source. I bought it for my daughter and found myself using it more than she did. I also found another book recommended in another review of this book. Although, it too may be very good. They don't ship the book or return your money. So it is my opinion the gold standard is still the MSAR.

  • Aimee H. Howe-Hendle - This product is GREAT!!!

    I have been using Garcinia since April and LOVE IT! With a change in diet (Paleo) and exercise, I have lost 70lbs. I take the full dosage, 9 pills per day, and it really helps with digestion, cravings, and energy. If you are looking to make a lifestyle change I definitely suggest adding these to your regimen.

  • Larry W. - The Best

    This is the greatest restorative treatment for damaged hair. I have been using it for several years and it works like a charm.

  • Cisco - A Sad Eye-Opener

    This is something of a scholarly work but it reads much easier that it should. Coming Apart documents the creation in America of an upper class that is very similar to old European nobility, in the worse way. The mega-rich; mega-powerful, mega-influential have little notion of the lives, wants and desires of those that they affect. This was not so 50 years ago. (Even the richest person in 1960 shopped for groceries in A&P or Big Apple. No longer.) Likewise, in the last 50 years America has developed your basic unwashed mob; the bottom part of our population that has generally lost touch with traditional American values. This is a sobering read, but most of it is undeniable.

  • Karen from Kentucky - Flattering, soft, comfortable!

    Just received this top. Since I did not have high expectations, I was thrilled when I tried it on. My shape has changed since i am on steroids. i now have a round protruding belly and larger butt. This top is really soft and comfortable. Is is lighter weight but will probably keep me warm in the winter. The wine color is just as pictured. It is beautiful . Best of all, the top completely hides my stomach! The sleeves are long on me but can be rolled up. I am going to but more Ninedaily tops!

  • R. Brown - Works better than the generic brands.

    I have trouble breathing at night. My options are surgery, or wearing one of these each night. I've been choosing Breathe Right over surgery. I could buy these at my local grocery and make use of those easy to find $2 coupons, but the Amazon price is still cheaper. This is one of the items I have on "Subscribe and Pay" with Amazon. My only complaint with Amazon is they frequently run out of stock. My only complaint with Breathe Right is the price. I've tried the cheap, generic alternatives but they don't work as well and fall off during the night. Guess I'll keep paying more and use the brand that works.