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  • Bob Rutan - This is a much better film than most of the movie critics rated it ...

    This is a much better film than most of the movie critics rated it to be. It takes the myth of Hercules and grounds it in reality. Dwayne Johnson once again proves that he has flashes of depth in his acting that a lot of action movie stars do not, and he leads a very nice ensemble cast of characters. While Johnson and Ian McShane get to go a bit further with their characters than the rest, all are very good. And the main point of a movie like this is the action, which there is plenty of. But what a lot of the critics overlooked was the message the movie makes about heroes, how heroes are created, how they are perceived, and the potential in anyone to be one. This is an action sword and sandal that goes a little bit deeper. It is a fuller story than the old Steve Reeves movies. And, in a way, reminded me of the original "Magnificent Seven".

  • Fox T - NOT Heavy Duty

    This machine didn't even work right out of the box. I discovered that the timing was off and decided that it was easier to fix myself than hassle with returns. I should have returned it because other things have continuously gone wrong with it. I use the heaviest needles singer makes and they still break. My old cheap Brother that this was supposed to replace works better and sews through heavier material. The best thing about it is that it is easy to set up and use.