DiPreta DermatologyDiPreta Dermatology - DiPreta Dermatology provides skin care treatment and disease prevention in the Southeast. Our company is an advocate and leader in Skin Cancer treatment. Our lead physician Dr. Edward DiPreta is the only local full time Board Certified practicing MOHS Surgeon in the Brunswick area.

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  • Mandy Conn - Add it to your cart... your kids will love you for it!

    Kids who don't have trampolines & whose parents can afford them are being neglected. Best money we've ever spent on a toy. Even our high schooler still loves it (this is our third trampoline... hard to move one across the country). No reason to buy one of those $1000 things when you can have this baby delivered right to your front door (where your kids can see it and spoil the Christmas surprise, but whatever. Maybe have it delivered to your neighbor, instead?) for about 1/4 the cost. Easy to assemble, light enough to move around so you can mow under it, and the mat around it seems to hold up well (we've had ours a year, still looks fairly new).

  • Keem - Best floor mats money can buy.

    Love them. Easy to clean and keeps my floors clean. Especially with all this snow we been getting. Best thing ever made.

  • Info searcher - Very concerned citizen

    This is an excellent book. Information has been available through the years on the Clintons. The fraud and horrible corruption is beyond comprehension! Many of us are at a loss how in a country like ours, the USA, anyone can get away with the horrible crimes committed by these people!!!! People who vote for Hillary this year are buying their own peril as our country will be finished!!! A vote for her indicates how little respect you have for this country and your own family!! WAKE UP PEOPLE AND OBSERVE WHAT IS SO HANDILY OUT THERE FOR ANYONE TO SEE. This book really is informative about the email fiasco and many other facts. All the scandalous smearing of Mr. Trump to keep him from winning this election is just appalling after what Hillary has done to us and foreign countries.

  • elsiedee - OK for some, does little for me.

    I was so excited when I first saw this product was available. I am less than excited after having used it several times. I have tried numerous products to get rid of my facial hair, with the ONLY thing really working being electrolysis. But I had hopes. (I am also one of the ones with course hair, so I seem to have the same results as others who do not have fine hair.)