Dira Sengwe Conferences - As we enter the fourth decade of HIV and AIDS, we can look back and reflect on the uphill battle against this scourge whilst at the same time celebrate the gains we have made – as the HIV research community, clinicians, academics, civil society, governmen

  • http://www.dirasengwe.org/welcome/about-dira-sengwe.html Dira Sengwe Conferences - Dira Sengwe meaning "take action" is a South African based NGO established in 2002 by the members of the local organizing committee of the ground breaking XIII th International AIDS Conference, Durban 2000 .The organisation emerged at a critical period in the history of the struggle for the recognition of HIV/AIDS as a disease overwhelmingly of poor countries, especially on the African continent. This aim was achieved and accounted for the subsequent success of DS.

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    The device is very nice and comfortable. It is also durable and you can barely feel it on. It is accurate and it syncs well with its application. Where the FitBit fails is not the device but the company. Held as innovators they have recently shown they are not insync with their customer base. The Fitbit application DOES NOT support the apple Healthkit in iOS8 and they do not have plans to do so. this is huge draw back for Apple users. It does not stop there I am sure they will not interface with google health either given time. So disappointing.

  • Allan C. - The product smells!

    I was so excited to order and get this product. I saw it here on amazon and went to Muscle Nutrition LLC's website to get myself more informed about it. Such great promises. I ordered it on December 20th and just now received it January 8th (3 weeks later, when it was supposed to have been delivered within 7-10 business days). I received it and A) It was NOT sealed; and B) I applied the product and there is a horrible stentch as if I rubbed myself with liquid metal. I smell like a pocketful of old dirty pennies right now. No sensation of "warmth" or "tingle" so basically, I feel this product is either old, expired or just not effective.

  • Fearney - AWESOME GAME! God awful UI and a few bugs ...

    Have played EVERY BF game since 1942 in 2002 with the exception of BF2. I jumped from Vietnam to 2142.

  • Eric Perez - It's a good size for kids and seems to be made of ...

    Got it for free as an Amazon promotion so I can't complain too much. It's a good size for kids and seems to be made of good quality materials. It's a little smelly (factory/plastic smell) when you get it as it is wrapped in a plastic bag so make sure to air it out overnight before giving it to someone.